Shadow Realm

Welcome to the Shadow Realm

A fantasy series written by DA Agelle


The earliest Shadow Realm drafts were written circa 2005 / 2006.  The Shadow Realm project is considered to be around five years old. The first part of the final series -the one posted here- was released on December 12th, 2008. Earlier drafts and several Shadow Realm short stories were once posted on this site but they had been removed and placed into storage before the release of Shadow Realm I – Shadows in the Night. Re-releasing them has not been considered.

NOTE – In the character guide the titles to the right are the titles of the story in which the characters make their first appearance. Characters who are mentioned but not seen (by name) will be listed under the title they are first mentioned.

Character Guide

Phan – A zombie who is Gemini’s best friend. (Shadows in the Night)

Gemini – Prince of the Shadow Realm. Also a sorcerer (Shadows in the Night)

Captivated – Gemini’s faithful unicorn who is black with fire red mane, tail, and stockings. Has a silver spider-web pattern covering him. (Shadows in the Night)

Queen Elodie – Gemini’s mother who is more interested in parties than ruling the realm. (Shadows in the Night)

King Theo – Was king of the Shadow Realm, Gemini’s father. (Shadows in the Night)

Jenesis – Daughter of Sir Delen and Lady Lucille. Friend to Gemini. (Daybreak in the Forest)

Lady Lucille – Jenesis’s mother (Daybreak in the Forest)

Sir Delen – A loyal knight and sorcerer who serves the Shadow Realm. Father of Jenesis. (Daybreak in the Forest

Tall-Oi,ee  – Shadow-shape who escorted Jenesis through the City of Flying Fire. (Darkness)

King Oink,ooh – King who resides in the City (Darkness)

Dark-Far,row – Shadow-shape who escorts  Gemini to King-Oink,ooh (Darkest)

Big-Kla,ee – Shadow-shape who attempted to lead Phan across bridge (My Zombie Friend For Life)

Princess-Cay,lye – Shadow-shape princess (My Zombie Friend For Life)

Zookles Princess – Princess-Cay,lye’s pet kbat (My Zombie Friend For Life)

Queen Hearthina – Queen (Black and Silver)

Crystal – DA’s unicorn (Double)

Tchalick – Queen Hearthina’s servant (Double)

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