Monthly Archives: May 2010

Posted and Waiting…

The cast list and first act of Master Manderdorke were posted yesterday. They are in the sidebar in my story section. You should expect the second act to be completed around the end of the month.

The following stories should be expected to be released by the end of summer:

Shadow Realm X

The next part of Rupeo Desert Wonder

Around Act III or so of Master Manderdorke (Depending upon how long the acts are and how I choose to divide them)

– The first part of my horse story Eboni Dawn

and more.


Spring Writing Updates!

I’m very sorry about my lack of updating things lately. The reason is that there really isn’t anything to update on. I suppose I could have written a few posts briefly discussing the current events happening in my life. Oh, well. I will sum up the latest news of my writing in this post for now. FIrst of all, I am writing a play. It is titled Master Manderdorke and it set in the Victorian era. So far it is fifteen pages long and turning out very well. I already finished Act I and will be posting it soon. I am still working on Shadow Realm and hope to have another part up by early summer.