A Valentine From Beyond (A zombie poem)

I am a lonely zombie
Staring at a world beyond the cemetery gate.
Through a house’s window I see Loretta Krombie.
I wish I could have taken her on one last date.

This graveyard is old and lonely,
Loretta’s house is warm and homey.

Why am I trapped in this lifeless place,
As decay and death transform my face?

Why can’t you come outside, dear?
Perhaps come visit me in here?

Is it that you have forgotten me?
I died saving you when your car crashed into a tree.

Nothing in the movies is true,
Zombies have feelings too.

Slowly I walk up to the gate from my gravesite,
A shadow drifting through the night.

The gates are locked but it does not stop me,
I will climb up and over by the tree.

Nobody sees as I cross the street,
The pavement no colder than the soles of my feet.

Finally I knock upon your door.
From inside your footsteps echo on the polished floor.

You open the door and I step in,
Showing off my best undead zombie grin.

“Eek! A dead thing!” you shriek with fright.
“Shoo! Go away! Return back into the night!”

Apparently you do not love my any more.
Loretta, you made the remains of my dead heart sore.

Since you have caused me this tragic pain,
I will just have to eat your brain.

You were the perfect girl to wed,
But I love you more while eating your head.


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