At Last!

I’ve returned to my blog –at last!- with a bucketful of super news. Life has become very busy very quickly this summer. It started off with my sixteenth birthday in early June. On that day I tested for and received my learner’s permit for driving. I still can’t believe I’m that age already! So far I’ve driven around the rural back roads to and from my stables. Surprisingly I am fairly decent at driving and haven’t wrecked/totaled anything (yet)!

I am pleased to introduce my newest pet and best friend, Theo the betta fish! He was one of the table centerpieces for my high school prom. After prom’s end anyone who wished could take home one of the bettas. I chose Theo and introduced him to a new 2.5 gallon aquarium stuffed with plenty of aquatic figurines to keep him entertained. He appears happy towards his transition from the tiny glass bowl to an aquarium!

Adjusting to a new tank (Theo is right below the water line)

Theo in New Aquarium

And of course I crafted him a miniature Titanic ornament! I added the rest of the aquarium figurines and plants as well.


For about two weeks now my mornings consist of drivers education classes. I decided to take the course in the summer in order to avoid having to juggle my time between the classes and fall/spring play. Class basically involves watching movies upon movies with a few note sessions sprinkled in occasionally. It’s only a driver’s theory class so I won’t do any physical driving. Well, it’s summer –an easy glass works perfectly for me! I did learn many useful tips for driving, car maintenance, and managing severe weather conditions. The best part is that after the course is finished I may qualify for an insurance discount when I get my license. :)

Finally, so far the best part of my summer, is my new job at the library. I started working in early July in order to fund my future horse and college related expenses. There I basically do librarian work such as keeping the bookshelves in order, and checking books out/in. I plan on continuing to work there throughout the school year and the next year after.

Coming up (very quickly!) is the amazing Outer Banks beach vacation with my family. I cannot wait to see the ocean again, swim, play in the sand, and have a fun time on he beach. I will detail all about vacation in later blog posts with pictures, of course. Until my next update, please enjoy this chalk outline drawn by my friend Staci.

 Chalk Outline by Staci

-DA Agelle

P.S. I finished my second stage play named (appropriately) Another Stage Play: (The Fourth Curtain). I plan to release it onto this blog towards summer’s end.


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  1. Hey there! Tell Theo “Hi!” for me. And congrads on turning 16, getting a learner’s permit, and getting a job at the library (you know I am thoroughly envious. . .). Have fun in the Outer Banks!

    I’ll probably see you tonight, and I’ll have an empty pizza box (irrelevant as that may seem to everyone else. . .)


    P.S. My penname enjoys getting use. She gets bored when there is nothing for her to sign. . .

  2. Haha, thanks for the comment! :) I’m glad you are getting good use of your pen name. Thank you SO MUCH for supplying the pizza box for tonight’s filming. You did an awesome job and I can’t wait to see how the episode turned out!

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