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I’m sorry for delaying this post, but there is something special that I must announce. I welcome two new links to my site. They are both deviantarts and good friends. Another link added a while back is another wordpress site. The author is a very good playwright. Click in the sidebar thataways >>>>>>>


Typing On, Thanks Everyone!

Once again, thank you to all who read Shadow Realm III: Darkness. You all are amazing! It’s been a day since the release and already I am making good progress on the fourth. Just a reminder that I uploaded what I am considering to be the cover art for SR IV: Black and Silver. The name is still under consideration, but I think that it will end up being the final title. I have about two pages of Black and Silver in first-form already (Equal to about 3 or so pages in final-form). Aiming for a release date in early Ferbuary.

Front page updated, as well as a couple pages. Character guide updated slightly.

Thanks for the Hits!

Thank you everyone for reading Shadow Realm: Darkness today! On this site I had about 9 views. On deviantart I had four views and one download. That was simply amazing. Once again, thanks to all who helped make this release wonderful. :)


Shadow Realm III: Darkness is finally here! It was released at 6:40 this morning. Enjoy!

And “Darkness” Makes Three

After years and many, many drafts another part of Shadow Realm is going to be released tomorrow. I can’t believe that here I am, writing on the internet for everyone to see. I wonder what thoughts are on my writing? Anyways, I hope for many, many hits tomorrow. Send this webpage to the people you know -Family, friends, pets, nachos. I want to make tomorrow special. Thanks a million! :)

It gets boring with no hits..

I have had a maximum of seven hits in one day for this month. Not as bad as most, but it would be nice if more people could visit my site. Link to the site, gallop on your horse down the road shouting with a bullhorn. All i’m saying is that it would be nice to break my 7-hit record when Shadow Realm III: Darkness is released Friday. Thank you.

Front Page Updated

I updated the image on the front of the site. the icon “Jenesis” now appears along with Phan, Gemini, and Captivated. More icons will be added as the series progresses. I also think that I will upload the individual images so that you can use them for Yahoo and AIM messenger icons.

Counting Down the Days!

I’m eagerly counting down the (very few) days until the Shadow Realm III: Darkness release. Three more days and it will be released! I plan to finish tweaking it and checking over the final preperations this evening. Hopefully I will be able to add a few more lines of length at the most…

I can’t wait!!

I can’t wait for the new show on Animal Planet to air! It’s called “Jockeys”!! Watch it, it sounds really, really good!!

Anther Quick Thing….

One quick post I need to write today:

Just so you know, I think it is fine to link to my art via hyperlinks. However, I don’t like people saving my art and posting it as their own. I also don’t like people who edit my art and then repost it. PLEASE don’t edit my art and repost it. And by the way, i’m not saying that anyone has ever done this yet. I just want to address this before someone does. The same goes for text, stories,  and photos I took. Thank you!! :)