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Randomness to share

Found this on Youtube, thought I would share it wish you. If the embedded video below doesn’t work, I will post the link also. Thank you to a friend who reccommended it to me.

Link:  ~



Another Note

Just a quick notice:

I am planning a piece of fan literature. For more information, see my deviantart It’s on the entry on “Sprinkles and L”. I am taking a break from writing for a small amount of time so I will continue work sometime in the beginning of March and continue working on it through April. Will be released either in late April or May??

Shadow Realm V: My Zombie Friend For Life has been started, but I will take a break on it.

My break is due to the following reasons:

1.  Real-life is getting busy the next week and need to prepare.

2.  Need to get more purple paper for printer

Thank you for understanding :)


UPDATE ON DEVIANTART! My snarkie logo has been added onto deviantart along with a few more deviations. Check out, please!

Chilling Out

Taking a break from writing now. Will resume in March or whenever I get my printer paper.

Story Coming Soon??

A story may be coming soon about a horse named Sprinkles. Was planning a story about her for a while, finally decided to go ahead and write about her. Starting on a short story for now.

SR IV is here!

Happy Friday the 13th! Shadow Realm IV: Black and Silver has been posted.


Shadow Realm IV: Black and Silver is FINALLY READY for release!! I can relax in peace, now. :)

Oh, joy…

Pressure is building. I am very, very busy this week and writing is difficult. VERY nervous about tomorrow’s release…..hope the next part is accepted well.

Back On

SR IV WILL be released Friday. That I am sure of. Same as before, I hope for many views. I am hoping for at least 10 views. Hoping for the best!!

Sadly Shortly Suddenly…

I really, really plan to release SR IV on the 13th. It will be a little shorter, though…but…still…better than nothing??