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Coming Soon!

Keep checking this blog soon! Another Stage Play (The Fourth Curtain) is nearing a release on this blog next to my other completed writing. Just like Master Manderodorke there will be a full script, character list, and stage guide available in PDF file format to download and read. I can’t wait to share my second play with the world. Hopefully it will receive many positive reviews and meet my readers’ expectations.

-DA Agelle


I See the Sea!

Greetings from the gorgeous Outer Banks coast! The water feels wonderful, the sand is refreshing, and the smell of saltwater air travels EVERYWHERE. There are so many enjoyable activities to do here ranging from swimming in the ocean, pool, hot tub, running in the sand, and having fun with my family in the cottage. This morning I took a run down the beach. I love exercising by the water and feeling its splash whenever I race through the shallow areas. In the evening I bought a new swimsuit. It is black with a pretty blue plaid pattern and I plan on wearing it tomorrow. When I take a couple nice beach photos and waterscapes I can post them in a gallery format post for everyone to view! I wish I could continue this post further with more details about my vacation adventure but it is impossible to conjure up enough time. This is unfortunate because I believe topics such as a giant wooden wall fish should be enthusiastically discussed!

-DA Agelle

At The Fairgrounds

I took my county fair entry papers up to the fairgrounds today and turned them in. The lady collecting my entry stated that it would take only fifteen minutes for her to get my sleeping pass and other exhibitor papers. I agreed to wait for my papers at the fairgrounds and pass some time walking around the grounds. Today a Quarter Horse breed show circuit held a show and there were gorgeous Quarter Horses everywhere! Most were preparing for the halter classes. While walking through one of the barns (the horse barn where Adam will probably stay for the county fair) I saw an old friend. The horse I rode during my riding lessons back in seventh grade was there, braided up and standing in a stall! I greeted him and stood around to see if my former instructor would be there as well. She wasn’t but another person in the barn said that I could probably stop by and check again at a later time. I hope I could find a moment to at least say hello to her tomorrow. I would like to ask her about taking riding lessons again, because I really wanted to ride at her stable again for a while. Perhaps I could ride English for her this time.

-DA Agelle


“Wow, the archives looks DIFFERENT!” If you are thinking something along that phrase, then you have obviously noticed the change in my blog layout! I had the old black-on-black theme for years now and felt that a change could be nice. All of the pages, categories, links, and other information posted in the past is still on this blog. Some pages may have merely moved under different headers, such as my two stage plays. I updated my stable page with a picture and will finally finish it near the end of this summer (hopefully). I assure every reader that this new theme will be easier to read and navigate around. In the top right corner of my header is a tiny blue Facebook icon which links to my Facebook page. That way, my friends in real-life with Facebook have an easy link to my page for contact. Links to my blog pages are both in the right sidebar AND towards the header on the top. (The horse in the middle of my header, by the way, is Madam. Isn’t she sweet?) Finally, thanks to different post formats available for use, I can easily create posts consisting of photo galleries, quotes, and even short updates with a few lines of text. I hope everyone enjoys my updated blog theme and the new features it will allow me to share with you in the future.

-DA Agelle


This is the first of probably two posts for this week. The second will pertain to my excitement towards my family’s yearly trip to the beach. This current post also follows a tradition, a somewhat recent habit reoccurring around the last week of July since the last three years. It involves the fate of my county fair entries for the coming August, previously disappointing for the last three years.

A little over three years ago I dreamed of entering Adam, my Quarter Horse, in the local county fair. Unfortunately my desire was nearly impossible considering we don’t have a trailer or any equestrian friends willing to haul for me. On top of that it has been only myself making plans for showing since neither of my parents are interested in horses. A person would probably think “So this has been going on for three years, right? What makes you think this year will be any different? You still have the same problems, right? What’s going to change that?”

Well, those results stopped here. Now. Why? Yesterday afternoon I walked out of my veterinarian’s office holding Adam’s Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (mandatory for all animals transported to shows). On the way home I finished filling out my registration papers and wrote a reminder to make a copy of the certificate at work the next day.

Yes, I am finally entering Adam in this year’s county fair and horse show.

My registration is ready to be submitted and Adam is well conditioned to make a 5-6 mile ride to the fairgrounds. I haven’t felt this ecstatic in a LONG while! Over time I learned to stop listening to everyone else’s whiny criticism and follow whatever I think works.* It’s about time, too! I have a gorgeous steampunk-themed western show bridle designed back in the spring that I can’t wait to use in the ring! The show is in exactly 31 days from today. Adam and I will most likely start our show career by riding in the western walk/trot class. There is a lot of preparation going into the fair this year and I feel extremely excited!

-DA Agelle

*I am fairly sure the term for that is “irritatingly stubborn” or “shows obsessive determination”.

At Last!

I’ve returned to my blog –at last!- with a bucketful of super news. Life has become very busy very quickly this summer. It started off with my sixteenth birthday in early June. On that day I tested for and received my learner’s permit for driving. I still can’t believe I’m that age already! So far I’ve driven around the rural back roads to and from my stables. Surprisingly I am fairly decent at driving and haven’t wrecked/totaled anything (yet)!

I am pleased to introduce my newest pet and best friend, Theo the betta fish! He was one of the table centerpieces for my high school prom. After prom’s end anyone who wished could take home one of the bettas. I chose Theo and introduced him to a new 2.5 gallon aquarium stuffed with plenty of aquatic figurines to keep him entertained. He appears happy towards his transition from the tiny glass bowl to an aquarium!

Adjusting to a new tank (Theo is right below the water line)

Theo in New Aquarium

And of course I crafted him a miniature Titanic ornament! I added the rest of the aquarium figurines and plants as well.


For about two weeks now my mornings consist of drivers education classes. I decided to take the course in the summer in order to avoid having to juggle my time between the classes and fall/spring play. Class basically involves watching movies upon movies with a few note sessions sprinkled in occasionally. It’s only a driver’s theory class so I won’t do any physical driving. Well, it’s summer –an easy glass works perfectly for me! I did learn many useful tips for driving, car maintenance, and managing severe weather conditions. The best part is that after the course is finished I may qualify for an insurance discount when I get my license. :)

Finally, so far the best part of my summer, is my new job at the library. I started working in early July in order to fund my future horse and college related expenses. There I basically do librarian work such as keeping the bookshelves in order, and checking books out/in. I plan on continuing to work there throughout the school year and the next year after.

Coming up (very quickly!) is the amazing Outer Banks beach vacation with my family. I cannot wait to see the ocean again, swim, play in the sand, and have a fun time on he beach. I will detail all about vacation in later blog posts with pictures, of course. Until my next update, please enjoy this chalk outline drawn by my friend Staci.

 Chalk Outline by Staci

-DA Agelle

P.S. I finished my second stage play named (appropriately) Another Stage Play: (The Fourth Curtain). I plan to release it onto this blog towards summer’s end.