Welcome to November

I am happy to say that the past few weeks were basically nothing but fun. I have more time on my hands now because marching band season is finally over for this year. Before I go into the exciting things occurring this month I will summarize the end of October and Halloween holiday.

I didn’t go to the horse show but at least Halloween was enjoyable. I loved my costume, in particular my Victorian zombie veil with beautiful black flowers. I had so much fun hanging out with my friends at the Halloween dance and spending time with my family on Halloween night. Our family Halloween gatherings are always thrilling and I look forward to them every year. I even have a few ideas for next year’s costume.

The fall play is at the end of this week. Everything is looking promising and I know we will have a great show. On Friday the cast and crew gave a preview to the Junior High. In addition to my enjoyable experiences as stage crew I was gifted with an additional role: Moving Dorothy’s house across the stage during the tornado. The house, crafted in foam, is big enough for me (As well as two more people!) to fit in snugly. I would know because my friends and I sit inside while talking about MCR’s new album, haha. My “role” also doubles as the Wicked Witch of the East. Onstage I follow a path of glow-in-the-dark tape across the stage wearing the ruby slippers. When I drop the house after the tornado I stick my feet out from underneath. Originally a pair of stuffed stockings were going to be used but this was changed on the day of the play preview. The date of the play is so close and I can’t wait! After play practice today I am pre-ordering My Chemical Romance’s Danger Days album. It is released on November 22nd, just in time to enjoy over the Thanksgiving holiday. 

I love the part of the year spanning from the county fair to Christmas in particular. I don’t know if it is the spacing of roughly one major holiday per month or my interest in the autumn season. The joy behind Christmas is a no-brainer -Who doesn’t love family and a giant tree in the house? There is no staying after school for band or play practice so I have more time to spend on my other projects such as the horses, writing, etc. (Basically everything I said I would complete post after post ago.) At the very least I want my wolf story and the next Shadow Realm part posted. I see Shadow Realm being released soon but I’m not sure on my wolf story or other writing pieces. I thought once about scrapping the zebra story but decided to keep it, shortening the length at the least. I wanted to make it novel-sized but in the end I simply kept running out of ideas and throwing away the majority of the ones I already had drafted out in my mind. I know that it will still be a good story -just shorter and less repatative.

Thank you once again to my readers who take time out of their lives to pay attention to my ramblings. I highly suggest coming to see me in the play this weekend.

-DA Agelle


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  1. Of course I’ll come see you! I have to help Dorothy into those slippers, remember? :P See ya tomorrow!

  2. Hoorah! I can’t wait for the performance!

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