Monthly Archives: October 2009

Shadow Realm IX Completed!

Happy Halloween! Guess what I’m going as? One of my Shadow Realm characters!

Shadow Realm IX – Shadow Realm, Land of Shadows has been released. Click it in the sidebar to read. Along with the release of the latest Shadow Realm part, my comic strip Deep Fried Ice Cubes has been completed. Within the next few days expect the entire series to be posted on the sidebar.


Deep Fried Ice Cubes ENDING!

I am planning to end my comic series Deep Fried Ice Cubes on October 31st (Halloween!) –exactly three months after it was first released. It’s been a fun project, but I’m afraid it is its time to come to an end. The series concluded at 22 comics in all (20 regular, plus a two part ending) So far all of the comics up to 17 should be released. The remaining comics will be posted sometime this week. the two part ending will be posted on Halloween.

Be sure to check them out!

Christmas is coming (Quite Quickly!)

A month ago I saw my first Christmas commercial of the year. Most stores already have their holiday decorations out for sale. Christmas dresses have just been placed on display. Whether we like it or not, the holidays are coming quickly. Personally, I dislike any Christmas decorations on display before Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Despite how I despise Christmas matters this early, I do know I must start planning my Christmas stories now if I wish to have them finished and ready for the holidays. I know it is not the most pleasant of things to think about when we are still in autumn but please bear with me. So, what sort of stories would you like to read this year? I know for certain that I have a horse story planned. I am willing to consider all opinions and suggestions for the stories.

Weekend Joys and Other News

Is everyone excited for Halloween? I sure am! Ican’t wait to see what interesting zombie costumes you probably thought up for my favorite holiday.

I just returned to writing from a break over the weekend. Shadow Realm 9 will be releasede on Halloween. It is almost finished…I hope you enjoy it! IT is hard to believe I am working on the nineth part already! December 12th will be the anniversary of its release.

Still Here

I know I haven’t updated anything in a while, but that’s OK. I’m still here and working on a few more stories!

A new page section has been added under my story category for a new collection I am recently releasing entitled The Script Graveyard. It will feature a few of my stories that have been scratched. You may vote in the comments on that page to decide which story I will “revive from the dead”!!