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Another Play

Shortly after the Christmas and New Year holiday a friend gave me a small red writing journal. The book consists of lined pages in between a leather looking red cover complete with a magnetic snap and ribbon bookmark. It probably stands among the prettiest of my writing books.

One of the book’s most important qualities will be, of course, the contents in which I choose to write inside. After considering many possibilities I ultimately decided upon filling the book with…



This new play, tentatively titled Yet Another Worthless Play, revolves around the story of two librarians who tend to a secluded library by the shore of a town called Seaglass. The play will involve zombies as well. Unlike my previous play, Master Manderdorke, I plan to post this play here on this blog. I will release Yet Another Worthless Play scene by scene as completed. No schedule for the scene releases but I will certainly announce the latest scenes in future blog posts. Already posted, the play’s page is located in the sidebar to the right with my other writing. The first scene along with the accompanying character list are released as well. I am excited for this second play and hope my readers will also enjoy it.

-DA Agelle


Another Post

Honestly, nothing significant has occurred since the publishing of my last blog post. I am still writing my play, Shadow Realm, stories, and possibly a new comic series in my spare time. I really don’t want to clutter up this post with excruciatingly boring details so I will quickly touch upon the few interesting events that happened recently. For starters, the church where I work bingo at will no longer be hosting bingo. There are only two more weeks left until I work is done. Luckily I have another job lined up for me which I will probably start shortly before this summer. At least I am free from any conflicts which could possibly arise between work and spring play.

As of yesterday I discovered that, indeed, there will be a spring play this year. I cannot completely express how glad I am to hear this since play has now fused into part of my life. Nobody is sure whether the director chose the play yet. I wonder if she even read mine…

Adam recovered from his winter leg injury and I plan to ride him again when the weather warms up a bit. In addition to riding my horses I may quit taking private flute lessons in exchange for riding lessons again. This year I have a LOT of exciting things to look forward to this spring!

-DA Agelle

Yes, Another Stage Play!

It’s true.

Another play.

And this one…

…involves zombies.

I will release more information soon. ;)

-DA Agelle

Let’s Go 2011!

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2011 already. Christmas is over and the next big thing to look forward to is spring play! So far this year is going great for me. I placed all of my Christmas money in savings for jockey school, future county fair/show funds, and a jockey saddle I hope to order before summer. (I’ll talk about that later.) Using the gift cards I received I ordered two items online. From Amazon I ordered a Kill Hannah t-shirt expected to arrive anytime between today and January 11th. I also ordered a racetrack style saddle blanket customized with Adam’s name as well as ‘J.B. Stables’. It is in the traditional #9 design (turquiose color) and I expect for it to arrive on the 13th. I cannot wait for the blanket’s arrival and hope to ride with it soon!

A friend gave me an elegant writing journal as a Christmas gift. After much consideration I decided to fill it with another stage play. This one will be about zombies for sure although I have no other specifications on this second play. When I have a few more pages finished I will share more information about it and possibly even post it here in the archives.

Hopefully these events will keep me preoccupied until the start of spring play. Adam is almost fully recovered so I hope to ride him more often in my spare time. Finally the band’s Boston trip is drawing near. These signs indicate that the new year will be an awesome one!

-DA Agelle