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World Again

It’s 8:23 in the morning in AP Language class. We’re on the Macs, reviewing the site for submitting papers online. Realizing there’s some time left, plus the fact that I haven’t touched any of my blogs for a couple months, I opened a new tab to WordPress and started this post. The summer passed with a blur but I distinctly remember the following events occurring in the midst of the fray.

  • The state of Pennsylvania deemed me worthy of receiving my drivers’ license. How that happened, I have no idea so grab your monkey, pair of socks, buttered toast, or anything else existing on the same driving skill level as me.
  • Vacationing on the Outer Banks. By the waterline I found a dead bush covered in sand, probably left over from a zombie party the night before.
  • My last year of horse camp. That really made me realize how close to graduating I am.
  • COUNTY FAIR!!! I posted the news about this year’s fair adventures and Adam’s horse show on my stable blog. Fair week was certainly the pinnacle of my summer thrills. I just wish it could last on and on and on…

A bizarre sense of accomplishment mixed with anticipation derives from the fact that I am now a high school senior this year. We started back to school on the last Tuesday of August. This year I have a study hall in the morning which I expected to grant me the divine capability to A.) Complete more work in school, thus avoiding the transport of assignments hone and furthering procrastination B.) Writing more from the source of my own imagination. Remarkably both options are possible. Not only do I have time to finish homework but I started work on a new stage play.

This next play involves…more zombies! I wrote the entire script in my head first one evening in the shower. No, really. In the shower. I conjured up the entire plot for the script so now I merely have to concentrate on typing it in Pages. It would be really nice if I finished the script by Halloween but that depends on school and the Fall Play schedule.

Since my only study hall is over soon, I’ll end this post right here.

-DA Agelle

My beloved betta Theo passed away on June 1st. Currently living in my aquarium is Artie, my second betta since the end of July.



Yes, Sloganmaker.

Yes, Sloganmaker.

Every day is Titanic day for me. That’s close enough, though, Sloganmaker.

Mesmerized by the Glowing Apple…

Guess what I’m writing this post on? A Mac! A Macbook! Yes, an Apple laptop! To make a long story short, Digit Dell’s screen issue turned worse throughout the past few months. It continued to flicker off, resulting in me smacking it harder to keep it on again. The technician at Cyber Depot said a connection went bad and I walked out of the store with this Mac. My new Mac, named Magnet (don’t want to confuse it with my sister’s Mac, do we?) works much nicer. Compared to my previous laptops the battery lasts longer, it runs quicker, and is more convenient. Thus, I decided to update this blog.

Why does everything during my Junior year seem happen at ONCE? Already I cannot believe it’s April already. It was not too long ago when I trudged back to school in September whining “Why did county fair week have to end?!” Now the school year is practically over -and good riddance! Don’t misunderstand me -I had a phenomenal time this spring with my Student Theare family during our production of The Sting (yes, based off the movie). The show turned out well and I kept my position as one of the stage managers. Of course, track season follows and then prom. These activities are fun and do they ever pass the time! Only a few weeks remain of school before I’ll be…a senior. I am not going to even START that topic, so I’ll end this post right here for the time being.

I am still alive, working on creative projects, and not dead. :)

-DA Agelle

Blog Move! (But Not Really)

As a few of my readers noticed earlier this month, I started a new blog entitled ‘J.B. Stables’. My stable blog, home to all of my equine content, focuses on stories and events related to my horses and equestrienne life. Keeping all of my horse related content in its own realm of the Archives blog has been difficult for me lately. Since horses are the most important thing in my life, I certainly did not want to risk having my other writing compete with them for time and blog space. I’d guess approximately 70% of this blog is my writing -stage plays, illustrations or otherwise- and to me that’s disappointing! Because of this I decided to start another blog focused solely on horses, hence the creation of the new stable site!

For my friends who don’t care for horses but enjoy reading my other writing, do not panic! I will not delete the Archives or remove its public visibility status. Think of this as a split -all of my random creative ideas in the Archives, then my horse news on the stable blog. Then I’ll feel that instead of managing one blog toggling between two very different topics, I’ll have two blogs containing information organized pertaining to the topic. Hopefully everything will work out wonderfully! Here is the URL of the new blog. Please check it out and feel free to leave any feedback!

J.B. Stables

In about an hour I am leaving with French Club on our winter Quebec trip. Expect beautiful snowy photos when I return!

-DA Agelle

Seize the Year

Goodbye, 2011.

…but I won’t be sad to see you go.

Its true, this was the year I spent as a high school sophomore (and junior, later on), went with the marching band to Boston, celebrated my sweet sixteen, and of course, took my horse Adam to the county fair. I took the stage during the school play The Wizard of Oz as a flying house while also taking on the role of the assistant stage manager. I’m even taking riding lessons again, something I was begging for during this very time last year! My life changed in 2011, as I predict it will continue to in 2012.

In this last blog post of the year 2011, I would like to say that I have no regrets towards the things I did this past year. Everything worked out fine for me in the end. I plan on using the valuable experience and courage gained over the past year across the threshold into 2012 to take on everything the coming year will throw in my path (including the zombie apocalypse, if it may).  I plan on seizing the year, living my life the way I dream it, and keep working towards a future horse jockey career. Adam’s coggins and vaccine papers came in the mail from the vet today, so we will be taking on the 2012 show season and the county fair again! From now on I plan on showing English. This past week I got a new pelham bit, riding helmet, and breeches to start off with! I had a wonderful Christmas spent with my family and cannot wait to celebrate with them again tomorrow for the new year. (Happy Birthday, Dad, too!) Thank you to the year 2011 for the great memories, and welcome 2012 to keep the fun times going! Happy New Year (and belated Christmas) to all of my friends, family, and blog readers.

-DA Agelle

A Helena Halloween

This Halloween I did my best to replicate the dress worn by dancer Tracy Phillips in My Chemical Romance’s music video for “Helena”. Originally I wanted to wear it to their concert in the middle of September, but due to the cold weather I decided to save it for Halloween.

The fabric for the dress originated from a few articles of clothing purchased at a Goodwill store. I bought a black dress a few sizes larger than usual and just kept taking it in and sewing it until its shape resembled Helena’s black dress. Then I added the bright red fabric underneath, the black fluff near the dress’s top, and finally the black netting for the lowest layer. Since it was originally designed to survive a rock concert, I shortened it compared to the real dress to prevent anyone from accidentally stepping or catching anything on it.

I can’t wait for Christmas!

Ever since the start of November I really haven’t had the opportunity to start anything interesting, yet alone blog about it*. AP Literature & Composition stole every writing-based cell in my body for the year. Adam and Madam are fine as usual, locked inside the corral and away from the pasture for the winter. While riding Adam I popped over a few jumps with him. They were all under a foot, probably closer to 6-8 inches. Still, I think that’s an accomplishment for him! I also bought new spurs, which help a lot with cantering. They are gorgeous English spurs with black Italian leather straps, studded by two blue crystals on each.

Anyways, I can’t believe there are only ten more days until Christmas! Thanksgiving absolutely flew by, thanks to the huge amount of schoolwork and projects I’m facing in my junior year. Last Saturday I finally had a great chance to relax when my best friend Bolana invited me to a dance. There we had fun dancing (yes, I actually danced and loved it!) and Bolana introduced me to her homeschooled friends. Then all that I have to do is survive two school weeks and…Christmas break! I wonder what wonderful horse-related presents are awaiting me this year. There’s a gorgeous white sheepskin show saddle pad that I saw in a tack shop that I would love to have for future horse shows! I updated Adam’s vaccinations and u test so he is good to go for showing this spring/summer! I am continuing to take riding lessons and they are going very well. My instructor said I have a beautiful seat (thank Adam for that!). We’ll jump after Christmas and then who knows what? She also said she’d let me try riding in a double bridle, which is another piece of tack I adore. Come on, Christmas break…just six more school days!!

-DA Agelle


P.S. I have a new phone now, so expect many pictures sometime soon! :)

* Actually, I wrote a Shakespearean sonnet but didn’t like the end result.

My Riding Lesson -Since Eons Ago!

Or at least it feels that way to me. On the 30th of September I arrived at Canterbrook Stables, where my friend from the fairgrounds recommended to me. When my mom pulled in to the driveway I felt as excited as I did when I arrived for my first lesson at another stable back in seventh grade. My mind was filled with wonder as to what my instructor and the stable would be like, and what I would eventually learn. Would I be able to jump? I met my instructor who is incredible -I absolutely loved my lesson and learned that I have a great seat! I was worried at first since I started English on Adam, but apparently I am riding very well. I certainly wish to continue riding there. I probably won’t be able to afford taking lessons every week, but an hour session every three weeks would be fantastic!

-DA Agelle

French Field Trip







This Thursday I went on the first French field trip this school year. Currently I am in my third year of French, and have been on previous field trips over the last two years. Our field trip involved a visit to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and lunch at a local French restaurant.

First we stopped at a local church while waiting for our appointed time for arriving at the restaurant (we were a bit early). The inside is an example of neo-Gothic architecture. Attached with this post are a few of the pictures I took there. The girl walking in the lower right corner of one of the photos is my friend Maria. An organist practiced in the background, giving off a ‘sacred-feeling’ atmosphere. After strolling around for a few minutes we returned to the buses and left for the restaurant.

We ate at a Paris-themed restaurant which serves authentic French food. I had a diet Coca-Cola, a sandwich with ham and cheese called a croque monsieur (spelling?) and a crepe with Nutella and whipped cream for dessert! The croque monsieur consisted of two slices of bread with ham and melted cheese in between. More melted cheese covered the top bread slice. Alongside the dish was a small salad with a bit of dressing. I don’t eat salad often, but I certainly did at the restaurant! I want to eat there again someday.

Thankful for the day out of classes, my classmates and I eagerly explored the museum while having los of fun along the way. The museum contained an exhibit of French art, but my friends and I spent our time walking around the other exhibits instead! We saw a hallway of stuffed birds, vintage watches, Native American artifacts, and breathtaking Egyptian artifacts. I even pet a giant stuffed buffalo! Finally, after the field trip was done, we returned to school just in time to catch the buses home.

Photography probably wasn’t allowed in the museum, so instead I attached a few enchanting church photos. Pardon any typing errors in this post -I am experimenting with the blogging application on my new phone.

-DA Agelle

Content Revamp!

Well, did anyone notice? I spent the past two doing a bit of redecorating to the Archives. I consolidated a few pages and dug up some of my old horse content to share here. In the sidebar I removed some of the links to my stories, instead placing them on their parent pages. For example, clicking the ‘Shadow Realm Book I’ page will display a list of links for the first nine parts of Shadow Realm. This way readers can still access all blog content while preventing my sidebars from becoming too overwhelmed with unnecessary pages.

My ‘J.B. Stables’ page contains more horse photos along with a short biography of my horses. I plan on creating a ‘profile page’ for each of my horses with their stories as well. (Madam’s is already posted -see the sidebar link.) This way additional readers who are new to my blog can quickly reference the pages instead of clicking through dozens of old posts to understand the horses I blog about. Later on I will restore additional pieces of backlogged horse content.

Thank you for tolerating my hectic (and sometimes dangerously creative) mind. I know the Archives has been an obscure organizational system of a scattered purpose and eventually time will settle this blog back to a regular, clear-focused pace. I witnessed an odd pattern lately -this blog appears to mirror the distractions, thought processes, and mental state of my own mind more than intended!

-DA Agelle

And, yes, I will continue to sign my posts as ‘DA’. ;)