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D.C. Pictures Found!

Hoorah! I found the Washington D.C. pictures on my SD card! I have absolutely no idea as to why they went missing in for first place. Instead I feel overjoyed to have them back, safe from any random deleting or file corruption. I know my readers are (hopefully!) anxious to see them so… here they are! I took all photos with my camera phone.

Trees at Mt. Vernon

Luckily the weather cooperated well with the trip. The temperature could have been a few degrees higher but it did not phase me very much.


We stopped first to visit Mt. Vernon, home of the first American president George Washington. Spiffy house, huh? I certainly think so! I love the gazebo-shaped extension on the roof.

Washinton's Stable

These are the horse stalls inside Washington’s stable and carriage house. All are tie stalls, not box.

Log in River

Enjoy a random –yet delightful- log floating in the Potomac river.

Washington Monument

The extraordinarily tall Washington monument is pictured here. Notice the line where the stones change color? That’s the point where construction on the monument became postponed during the Civil War.

Ruby Slippers

You guessed it! These are Dorothy’s ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz.

White House

Finally, home to the president of the United States, the White House. I took plenty more photos than these but the ones posted here are the best. Next year I certainly plan to take the trip again. Perhaps we’ll even visit Arlington Cemetery.

-DA Agelle


Animal Paint Pictures

Be sure to expect some animal pictures done on Paint coming up soon!