Mesmerized by the Glowing Apple…

Guess what I’m writing this post on? A Mac! A Macbook! Yes, an Apple laptop! To make a long story short, Digit Dell’s screen issue turned worse throughout the past few months. It continued to flicker off, resulting in me smacking it harder to keep it on again. The technician at Cyber Depot said a connection went bad and I walked out of the store with this Mac. My new Mac, named Magnet (don’t want to confuse it with my sister’s Mac, do we?) works much nicer. Compared to my previous laptops the battery lasts longer, it runs quicker, and is more convenient. Thus, I decided to update this blog.

Why does everything during my Junior year seem happen at ONCE? Already I cannot believe it’s April already. It was not too long ago when I trudged back to school in September whining “Why did county fair week have to end?!” Now the school year is practically over -and good riddance! Don’t misunderstand me -I had a phenomenal time this spring with my Student Theare family during our production of The Sting (yes, based off the movie). The show turned out well and I kept my position as one of the stage managers. Of course, track season follows and then prom. These activities are fun and do they ever pass the time! Only a few weeks remain of school before I’ll be…a senior. I am not going to even START that topic, so I’ll end this post right here for the time being.

I am still alive, working on creative projects, and not dead. :)

-DA Agelle


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  1. Glad you like the mac!

  2. Oh, I love it! The battery lasts longer too.

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