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Mesmerized by the Glowing Apple…

Guess what I’m writing this post on? A Mac! A Macbook! Yes, an Apple laptop! To make a long story short, Digit Dell’s screen issue turned worse throughout the past few months. It continued to flicker off, resulting in me smacking it harder to keep it on again. The technician at Cyber Depot said a connection went bad and I walked out of the store with this Mac. My new Mac, named Magnet (don’t want to confuse it with my sister’s Mac, do we?) works much nicer. Compared to my previous laptops the battery lasts longer, it runs quicker, and is more convenient. Thus, I decided to update this blog.

Why does everything during my Junior year seem happen at ONCE? Already I cannot believe it’s April already. It was not too long ago when I trudged back to school in September whining “Why did county fair week have to end?!” Now the school year is practically over -and good riddance! Don’t misunderstand me -I had a phenomenal time this spring with my Student Theare family during our production of The Sting (yes, based off the movie). The show turned out well and I kept my position as one of the stage managers. Of course, track season follows and then prom. These activities are fun and do they ever pass the time! Only a few weeks remain of school before I’ll be…a senior. I am not going to even START that topic, so I’ll end this post right here for the time being.

I am still alive, working on creative projects, and not dead. :)

-DA Agelle


French Field Trip







This Thursday I went on the first French field trip this school year. Currently I am in my third year of French, and have been on previous field trips over the last two years. Our field trip involved a visit to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and lunch at a local French restaurant.

First we stopped at a local church while waiting for our appointed time for arriving at the restaurant (we were a bit early). The inside is an example of neo-Gothic architecture. Attached with this post are a few of the pictures I took there. The girl walking in the lower right corner of one of the photos is my friend Maria. An organist practiced in the background, giving off a ‘sacred-feeling’ atmosphere. After strolling around for a few minutes we returned to the buses and left for the restaurant.

We ate at a Paris-themed restaurant which serves authentic French food. I had a diet Coca-Cola, a sandwich with ham and cheese called a croque monsieur (spelling?) and a crepe with Nutella and whipped cream for dessert! The croque monsieur consisted of two slices of bread with ham and melted cheese in between. More melted cheese covered the top bread slice. Alongside the dish was a small salad with a bit of dressing. I don’t eat salad often, but I certainly did at the restaurant! I want to eat there again someday.

Thankful for the day out of classes, my classmates and I eagerly explored the museum while having los of fun along the way. The museum contained an exhibit of French art, but my friends and I spent our time walking around the other exhibits instead! We saw a hallway of stuffed birds, vintage watches, Native American artifacts, and breathtaking Egyptian artifacts. I even pet a giant stuffed buffalo! Finally, after the field trip was done, we returned to school just in time to catch the buses home.

Photography probably wasn’t allowed in the museum, so instead I attached a few enchanting church photos. Pardon any typing errors in this post -I am experimenting with the blogging application on my new phone.

-DA Agelle

Fair Chronicles – Part I of II

Today was the first day of my junior year in high school. While other classmates complain over the transition from summer to autumn, I really have nothing to regret.

On Wednesday morning I returned from the county fair riding down the road on Adam’s back. After eating five days of fair food and living in the midst of the fair in dream land, I feel thankful that I had the opportunity to spend those days with my horse.


Early Friday morning I checked, double checked, and triple checked my horse show packing list. After a fiasco involving the misplacement of my parking passes (it was no big deal, really, the fair office simply re-issued them) my parents and I loaded up the truck with my carnival-camping baggage and we drove to the stable. There the rest of my tack and horse supplies were packed. I saddled up Adam and we started the grand ride to the fairgrounds. At first Adam handled the ride according to the usual riding on the road routine. This continued until we stopped to take a break around Mammoth Park. Adam, realizing the suspicious length of the ride, whinnied back towards the stable for Madam. After becoming aware he was too far away for a reply, he suspected he was on no ordinary trip. Nevertheless he obediently (in an Adam-ly fashion) continued riding. A while later we encountered another horse and rider headed to the fairgrounds. We rode together while talking about our hopes for the fair week and horse shows associated with it. I believe Adam enjoyed meeting some company, too. Finally –just beating an approaching thunderstorm- we arrived at the fairground gates at the entrance. The veterinarian cleared Adam’s CVI and I took him to his stall.

The traditional horse barn was overbooked this year so additional stalls were set up under a huge tent next to the rabbit exhibit. Adam and I quickly befriended the other exhibitors and their horses in our row. I met an English rider and her beautiful Thoroughbred, the girl I originally met en route to the fair, and another young girl with her bay Morgan cross. Adam, an attention lover, enjoyed the presence of endless excitement and constant entertainment.


In the horse arena below the fair 4-H had their horse show. To prepare for the overwhelming (and to a horse, potentially frightening) surroundings of the fair’s open show on Sunday I saddled Adam and took him down to one of the schooling rings. At first he did not concentrate at all. His ears whipped from back and forth, from side to side listening to the foreign noises coming from the horses around him. Sometimes he tried to follow behind other horses in the ring and even attempt to imitate the gaits or patterns they were riding in! After adjusting to the practice of riding among other horses Adam and I reviewed our exercises for the horse show on Sunday. I believe he enjoyed the larger arena with softer ground compared to the arena at home. When afternoon approached (all horses had to be in their stalls by four o’ clock) I returned Adam to his stall and untacked him. Impressed, I felt that he would handle his first show on Sunday rather well.

I will save my account of the Sunday horse show to Wednesday morning for a separate post. For now, I must return to my new school-based lifestyle until more free time is available.

Adam at Westmoreland Fair

-DA Agelle

October Fun

October? Already? Apparently it must be so! I can’t wait for Halloween this year. I plan on dressing as a zombie but not just any zombie! I will be a zombie from the Victorian Era. My costume looks absolutely eerie and I can’t wait to wear it on Halloween.

Another exciting event coming up this month is the horse show. Yes, I am going! Adam and I will be showing on October 23rd at a stable in Derry. In my spare time I am busy preparing for the show. Recently I finished designing my show outfit and completed customization of my stable jacket. Currently I am sewing a saddle blanket blanket. (Haha!) It sits on top of my regular saddle blanket to make it look nicer for show. The blanket is a pretty blue color with shiny white trim. (I didn’t like the way silver looked with it.) On the rear right corners I will sew about four black crystal beads to give decoration. I suppose it is also a good idea to incorporate black into the blanket since it is one of my stable colors. Today I plan on scheduling the vet appointment for vaccinations and a coggins test. I will also call to discuss trailering with a stable who offers it. If this all goes well Adam and I will be in the show!

I discovered Tuesday that I am the Assistant Stage Manager for the fall play. Basically it is a stage crew position focused on (obviously) assisting the stage manager. The first after-school practice was Wednesday. Everything went well and I can see already that this year’s fall play will be fun.

Apparently this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous so I do not intend on wasting a single moment of it. I am looking forward to tonight’s game where we will be marching our new show at halftime. Tomorrow I will start serious show training with Adam. In the evening I hope to hang out with my best friend and my other friends on a haunted hayride, house, barn, and the rest of the traditional haunted fall festivities. I wish everyone a happy weekend and to enjoy the pleasant weather while it remains.

-DA Agelle

The Love of the Theater

Play auditions were held in the auditorium after school today. Because of my awesome play experiences last year I decided, of course, to continue play this year. The play for this fall is The Wizard of Oz and the role I am trying out for is the Wicked Witch of the West. I do not expect to recieve the roll but part of the fun in play auditioning and the time spent staying after school. I know for certain that I want to do stage crew. More of my friends are also joining play this fall and a good many will probably do stage crew along with me. My experience as a cast member (Alice’s Sister in Alice in Wonderland) was terrific but I really enjoyed being part of crew for the spring play. Wish me luck for auditions and I will follow up this brief update with another post!

-DA Agelle