Monthly Archives: August 2009

Vision Fail

The other day I saw a lady walking past me wearing a pair of opaque lime green sunglasses on her head. OPAQUE. SUNGLASSES. Yes. Not transparent lenses. Not even translucent lenses. Thick, solid, lime green plastic lenses. The color of this font, to be precise. I’m guessing she must have had x-ray vision.



Yes! I started a comic strip called Deep Fried Ice Cubes. The strip stars the odd, 2-dimensional creatures “snarkies”, better known as my stable logo. Strips 1-14 have already been finished and I will hopefully post them soon.

I am not entirely sure as to how long I will continue DFIC. I originally planned for it to be a 12-strip series, but before I knew it I was designing beyond the original designs for the 12-strip series.

The DFIC series stars a “snarkie” by the name of Skillet, who wants to become a decillionaire by selling his recipe for “deep fried ice cubes”. Skillet is joined by his friends Kyte, Alc, Cabana, Todd and his quagga, and Midori.

NOTE: My drawing and comic design is not the best. This series is not one of my thoroughly-planned pieces of work, but nevertheless I have decided to post it for anyone who may be interested :)