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Second Second Success

The second time winning second place for my second felt doll entry. Strange, huh? That’s what I discovered while roaming the indoor exhibit and craft buildings during the fair. Back in the archives of 2010 I mentioned my first, the felt doll version of Kill Hannah frontman and vocalist Mat Devine (link here -it will open in a new window or tab). Mat won me second place in the category.

This year I decided to try another doll entry. Out of the dozen or so additions to my collection I chose my latest, a tribute to keyboard player Erik X from the band Creature Feature. I thought it took an eternity to line the stripes on his shirt just right and accurate with the real-life costume. He is entirely made of felt except for a pair of shoes/boots/feet from scrap leather.

Does anyone see the resemblance?

But the best reward of all, more precious than the $6,50 premium and a ribbon, was this:

Complements from the band itself! (However I believe Curtis, not Erik, responded.)

I’ll be making more dolls when I replenish my felt supply.

-DA Agelle



Future 2012

Now this could be the last of all the rides we take,

So hold on tight and don’t look back.

-My Chemical Romance “The Kids From Yesterday”

A Helena Halloween

This Halloween I did my best to replicate the dress worn by dancer Tracy Phillips in My Chemical Romance’s music video for “Helena”. Originally I wanted to wear it to their concert in the middle of September, but due to the cold weather I decided to save it for Halloween.

The fabric for the dress originated from a few articles of clothing purchased at a Goodwill store. I bought a black dress a few sizes larger than usual and just kept taking it in and sewing it until its shape resembled Helena’s black dress. Then I added the bright red fabric underneath, the black fluff near the dress’s top, and finally the black netting for the lowest layer. Since it was originally designed to survive a rock concert, I shortened it compared to the real dress to prevent anyone from accidentally stepping or catching anything on it.

Twitter Added

The link to my Twitter account has been added to the top of my blog header (next to the Facebook icon). Remember, comments may be posted by logging in with your Facebook or Twitter accounts also.

I See the Sea!

Greetings from the gorgeous Outer Banks coast! The water feels wonderful, the sand is refreshing, and the smell of saltwater air travels EVERYWHERE. There are so many enjoyable activities to do here ranging from swimming in the ocean, pool, hot tub, running in the sand, and having fun with my family in the cottage. This morning I took a run down the beach. I love exercising by the water and feeling its splash whenever I race through the shallow areas. In the evening I bought a new swimsuit. It is black with a pretty blue plaid pattern and I plan on wearing it tomorrow. When I take a couple nice beach photos and waterscapes I can post them in a gallery format post for everyone to view! I wish I could continue this post further with more details about my vacation adventure but it is impossible to conjure up enough time. This is unfortunate because I believe topics such as a giant wooden wall fish should be enthusiastically discussed!

-DA Agelle

An Open Letter to Brooke

The following is an open letter directed to Brooke, section leader of the marching band piccolos.

Dear Brooke, Respected Section Leader,

I am typing this letter through my blog to you regarding next year’s Halloween parade (2011). I would be extremely grateful if you considered dressing the piccolos as Jhonen Vasquez characters, particularly those from the epic television cartoon Invader ZIM. I do hope you consider this possibility. It would bring a great joy not only to the piccolo section but to the countless ZIM fans in the rest of the band. If my request is considered I, in turn, will honor your amazingness with the following

– I will stay in band next year

– I will practice my piccolo more than once a week

– I will not endlessly complain about trivial band matters

– I will strive to enjoy every second of my participation in both marching and concert band

– I will (attempt to) play a solo piece for the solo and emsemble concert

Thank you for reading my letter and please consider my request. If not…well…the zombies know where you live. :) Have a nice day.

– DA Agelle

Press Enter for Waffles

I made this dialog box on Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 during some free time I had in my Intro. to Computer Programming class. This is the screenshot I took of the dialog box. The box wasn’t a working coded program –just a simple GUI which does absolutely nothing. Nevertheless this little picture never ceases to make me smile so I decided to share it with my blog readers.


I will also post this image under my artwork and illustrations page.

To All Music Lovers

Oh. My. Goodness. Is this NOT beautiful? I think this is an amazing song, and the piano version is beautiful. Here is the lyrics for the original below, just in case you are wondering about this song.