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Fair Chronicles – Part II of II

Fair Chronicles – Part I of II

Today was the first day of my junior year in high school. While other classmates complain over the transition from summer to autumn, I really have nothing to regret.

On Wednesday morning I returned from the county fair riding down the road on Adam’s back. After eating five days of fair food and living in the midst of the fair in dream land, I feel thankful that I had the opportunity to spend those days with my horse.


Early Friday morning I checked, double checked, and triple checked my horse show packing list. After a fiasco involving the misplacement of my parking passes (it was no big deal, really, the fair office simply re-issued them) my parents and I loaded up the truck with my carnival-camping baggage and we drove to the stable. There the rest of my tack and horse supplies were packed. I saddled up Adam and we started the grand ride to the fairgrounds. At first Adam handled the ride according to the usual riding on the road routine. This continued until we stopped to take a break around Mammoth Park. Adam, realizing the suspicious length of the ride, whinnied back towards the stable for Madam. After becoming aware he was too far away for a reply, he suspected he was on no ordinary trip. Nevertheless he obediently (in an Adam-ly fashion) continued riding. A while later we encountered another horse and rider headed to the fairgrounds. We rode together while talking about our hopes for the fair week and horse shows associated with it. I believe Adam enjoyed meeting some company, too. Finally –just beating an approaching thunderstorm- we arrived at the fairground gates at the entrance. The veterinarian cleared Adam’s CVI and I took him to his stall.

The traditional horse barn was overbooked this year so additional stalls were set up under a huge tent next to the rabbit exhibit. Adam and I quickly befriended the other exhibitors and their horses in our row. I met an English rider and her beautiful Thoroughbred, the girl I originally met en route to the fair, and another young girl with her bay Morgan cross. Adam, an attention lover, enjoyed the presence of endless excitement and constant entertainment.


In the horse arena below the fair 4-H had their horse show. To prepare for the overwhelming (and to a horse, potentially frightening) surroundings of the fair’s open show on Sunday I saddled Adam and took him down to one of the schooling rings. At first he did not concentrate at all. His ears whipped from back and forth, from side to side listening to the foreign noises coming from the horses around him. Sometimes he tried to follow behind other horses in the ring and even attempt to imitate the gaits or patterns they were riding in! After adjusting to the practice of riding among other horses Adam and I reviewed our exercises for the horse show on Sunday. I believe he enjoyed the larger arena with softer ground compared to the arena at home. When afternoon approached (all horses had to be in their stalls by four o’ clock) I returned Adam to his stall and untacked him. Impressed, I felt that he would handle his first show on Sunday rather well.

I will save my account of the Sunday horse show to Wednesday morning for a separate post. For now, I must return to my new school-based lifestyle until more free time is available.

Adam at Westmoreland Fair

-DA Agelle

And We’re Off!

To the fair! I just returned from horse camp earlier in the week, enough time to finish the final preparations needed for this coming weekend at the fairgrounds. Tomorrow morning Adam and I will ride from the stable for a 5-6 mile trip to the fair. Our travel may take any time around or over two hours but I know we’ll make it there. I can’t believe I am finally showing! After the typhoon of calamity and disappointment shadowing us for the past couple years, I feel like a strange survivor freeing themselves from a shipwreck.


Thanks, Adam, for being a cartoon character who falls  in countless episodes only to return onscreen again with the same designed-for-TV poise as before. Thanks for putting up with me since I became your owner in 2007. Believe it or not, I treasure every ride you ever gave me and every lesson you caused me to learn. Finally, I can never thank you enough for the adventure you are about to spend with me at the fair. I know you will ride and shine your best in the show ring.

Adam, August 2011

P.S. No, I will not remove your muzzle until your chance of foundering is lessened upon winter’s approach. :)

-DA Agelle

I’m Back!

At Last!

I’ve returned to my blog –at last!- with a bucketful of super news. Life has become very busy very quickly this summer. It started off with my sixteenth birthday in early June. On that day I tested for and received my learner’s permit for driving. I still can’t believe I’m that age already! So far I’ve driven around the rural back roads to and from my stables. Surprisingly I am fairly decent at driving and haven’t wrecked/totaled anything (yet)!

I am pleased to introduce my newest pet and best friend, Theo the betta fish! He was one of the table centerpieces for my high school prom. After prom’s end anyone who wished could take home one of the bettas. I chose Theo and introduced him to a new 2.5 gallon aquarium stuffed with plenty of aquatic figurines to keep him entertained. He appears happy towards his transition from the tiny glass bowl to an aquarium!

Adjusting to a new tank (Theo is right below the water line)

Theo in New Aquarium

And of course I crafted him a miniature Titanic ornament! I added the rest of the aquarium figurines and plants as well.


For about two weeks now my mornings consist of drivers education classes. I decided to take the course in the summer in order to avoid having to juggle my time between the classes and fall/spring play. Class basically involves watching movies upon movies with a few note sessions sprinkled in occasionally. It’s only a driver’s theory class so I won’t do any physical driving. Well, it’s summer –an easy glass works perfectly for me! I did learn many useful tips for driving, car maintenance, and managing severe weather conditions. The best part is that after the course is finished I may qualify for an insurance discount when I get my license. :)

Finally, so far the best part of my summer, is my new job at the library. I started working in early July in order to fund my future horse and college related expenses. There I basically do librarian work such as keeping the bookshelves in order, and checking books out/in. I plan on continuing to work there throughout the school year and the next year after.

Coming up (very quickly!) is the amazing Outer Banks beach vacation with my family. I cannot wait to see the ocean again, swim, play in the sand, and have a fun time on he beach. I will detail all about vacation in later blog posts with pictures, of course. Until my next update, please enjoy this chalk outline drawn by my friend Staci.

 Chalk Outline by Staci

-DA Agelle

P.S. I finished my second stage play named (appropriately) Another Stage Play: (The Fourth Curtain). I plan to release it onto this blog towards summer’s end.