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Play, Boston, and Chocolate Bunnies

I wish everyone a happy Easter Sunday filled with endless chocolate creatures and candy. I apologize for my lack of updating after spring play and the band Boston trip this month. Unfortunately, my beloved laptop caught a nasty virus which resulted in a thorough system wipeout and software reloaded. Thank goodness I backed up by stage play and other files beforehand.

 My first instinct this morning was to race down the stairs at warped speed to see the edible evidence of Easter celebration. I spent today happily scarfing down endless types of chocolate and desserts, for once tossing the weight qualifications for jockey college in the back of my mind. I tell you, holidays ARE DELICIOUS. A solemn Rest-In-Peace goes out to the two or three chocolate bunnies savagely devoured during the course of the day. I plan on enjoying the rest of today to the fullest extent possible before returning to my typical nutrition and exercise schedule tomorrow. If it’s for horses, well, I won’t complain!

After the astonishing performance by student theater earlier this month I know play will never be the same next year. Our actual performances were extraordinary. I firmly believe our wonderful cast and crew have the potential to accomplish anything in the world. The seniors graduating this year will be severely missed during the next play this fall. I can’t imagine  not seeing my friends and role models since nineth grade (and eighth for those I knew during my first band year) socializing backstage during my next remaining two years of high school. The stage manager who taught me so much will graduate, too. Thankfully I took a few pages of notes in a notebook on managing the stage and crew for next year when I assume her place. I know play will go on and eventually we’ll take the positions of the passing seniors. It will remain the same entertaining, creative, and thrilling after school activity as my first rehearsal for Alice in Wonderland last year.

Barely after recovering from the festivities of the play performance I left with the marching band on our trip to Boston for four days. There we took a walking tour of the city along with visiting the nearby locations of Plymouth and Salem. Practically everything related to the trip was exicting including the delicious hamburger and fries at Hard Rock Cafe, the nearly 80 degree swimming pool in the hotel, and spending time in Salem shopping in the neatest stores. I bought a tote bag from the manga/anime xxxHOLiC in a comic book store and examined a collection of pagan herbal remedies in another. Nearly every shop in the village had at least a few items related to my interests.  I returned home a very happy traveler with a couple great souveniers in my suitcase. One included a book entitled Victorian America which I already read halfway through. I recommend it to anyone interested in early telephone use, the practice of wearing black to funerals, or Queen Victoria.

Victorian America: Transformations in Everyday Life offers a free look inside the book. Enjoy it while gnawing away the ears of your favorite chocolate bunny.

-DA Agelle


D.C. Pictures Found!

Hoorah! I found the Washington D.C. pictures on my SD card! I have absolutely no idea as to why they went missing in for first place. Instead I feel overjoyed to have them back, safe from any random deleting or file corruption. I know my readers are (hopefully!) anxious to see them so… here they are! I took all photos with my camera phone.

Trees at Mt. Vernon

Luckily the weather cooperated well with the trip. The temperature could have been a few degrees higher but it did not phase me very much.


We stopped first to visit Mt. Vernon, home of the first American president George Washington. Spiffy house, huh? I certainly think so! I love the gazebo-shaped extension on the roof.

Washinton's Stable

These are the horse stalls inside Washington’s stable and carriage house. All are tie stalls, not box.

Log in River

Enjoy a random –yet delightful- log floating in the Potomac river.

Washington Monument

The extraordinarily tall Washington monument is pictured here. Notice the line where the stones change color? That’s the point where construction on the monument became postponed during the Civil War.

Ruby Slippers

You guessed it! These are Dorothy’s ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz.

White House

Finally, home to the president of the United States, the White House. I took plenty more photos than these but the ones posted here are the best. Next year I certainly plan to take the trip again. Perhaps we’ll even visit Arlington Cemetery.

-DA Agelle

Washington D.C. Day Trip

Last Friday I attended an action-packed visit to our nation’s capital, Washington D.C., for a school field trip. In the city I saw many of the major monuments (mostly the ones I visited on the past trips with my family). These included Mt. Vernon, Lincoln memorial, two museums, and of course the blooming cherry blossoms! In one of the museums I saw the ruby slippers from the movie The Wizard of Oz. I also had my picture taken in front of the White House. I mentioned in my previous post that I would post the pictures taken during the trip in this post. Unfortunately, my camera card seems to have lost my pictures. I am very sorry about the mishap. Hopefully the pictures will turn up soon. If they ever do then I will post them, but currently they are not available.

On a happier note, today was spring play previews for the elementary school students. They appeared to like the preview and I hope they decide to show up for the performances this weekend! The first show is tomorrow evening and I cannot wait!

-DA Agelle