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Rupeo Part II Released

Part 2 of Rupeo Desert Wonder was released on Friday. Now I plan to work on Shadow Realm VIX. After releasing that I will work on the next part to the silver wolf story. Enjoy part 2 to Rupeo Desert Wonder!!


An Interesting Fact

Rupeo Desert Wonder is coming along beautifully and I hope to release it soon. If you remember back (a few months to a year, perhaps. I’m not sure if I kept the posts dealing with this story or deleted them) I was working on plans for a possible story about a racehorse. The story was titled Moonlight Rides or something along those lines. Starring in that story was a young adult character (About 18 years or so), dark brown / purple hair, only wore black / brown / purple clothing named Todd Telaire. Moonlight Rides was scratched, but the character Todd wasn’t. I planned for him to return someday in some story…and he will!! Todd will return to you in not one but TWO stories! He will return first in part II (Or possibly part III) of Rupeo Desert Wonder. He will also star in the quagga story (A totally different story from Rupeo) His name / character traits / age will remain the same as originally designed.

When I decide to scratch a story, you may not have to say goodbye to the story’s characters. Some will star in their own stories, others (Perhaps Taite Dellamy, for example?) will have minor roles in other stories. This way, I get to use all of my favorite characters and not always have to write / illustrate plans for new ones. Every time I design a new character I fill out a card for that character. Retired characters whose pilot stories were not released may be re-used for other stories. Just an interesting fact you may want to know. :)

Posted Today

Today I posted more of my artwork! You can view it in the sidebar under the title of “Artwork and Illustration”. There are two other pages of artwork nested underneath the main page (Equine art and Shadow Realm)

Posted on the main page is a picture of Frankie (the dog from True Heroes Never Die and a random portrait.

No new pictures have been added today to the Equine Art page.

Included on the Shadow Realm page are the IM icons I designed. I do not believe I will post the Phan icon because of a few specific reasons. (The icon is the one most commonly used by me.) I have yet to post the shadow-shape king and princess.

That is all for today! Tomorrow I will try to post more.

Being There – A quagga story!!

I am working on a short story about a quagga. I know…I didn’t want to start another project without finishing the writing I have to do in the first place. However, this probably won’t be a long story and it is lower on my list of priorities. I am planning to bring back the character Todd for this story. WHOOT!!

Shadow Realm VIII – Post Release Report

On July 2nd, 2009, the eighth part of my series Shadow Realm was released. Shadow Realm VIII – Double brought three viewers to the site, four total. Thank you to everyone who read the part! :)

Note – The picture “Lillian Locket” has been added to the artwork page.


Hello from Windows Live Writer on my computer! Using the program (Came with my laptop on Windows Vista) I can write posts and publish them without using my internet browser. I hope by using this method I can send more updates and publish more posts!

At this moment I am working on my zebra story Rupeo Desert Wonder. So far it is coming along fairly well. The first part has been released and you may read it in the sidebar to the right. I am currently working on part two. The release date for the second part is unknown, but it will probably be sometime soon. I am trying to aim for sometime around July 11th.

I am planning to add more of my artwork to the site sometime soon. I will probably create some sort of art gallery and post the link in the sidebar with my stories. Artwork will include Shadow Realm illustrations and a few other pictures / illustrations drawn on Paint. (This includes my collection of animal drawings!) Of course, I will also post my pencil and paper illustrations. When this is complete the content of the site will have pretty much doubled compared to the content posted now. Until then, enjoy the newest Shadow Realm entitled Shadow Realm VIII – Double.

Shadow Realm VIII Released

Shadow Realm VIII – Double has been released. In addition, the cover art is posted with it. In addition, the character guide on the main Shadow Realm page has been updated.

This summer I hope to post more updates here and to finish the wolf story. I have a good idea on how I want to finish the wolf story. All I have to do now is to type it up and do the illustrations. I hope you are having a great summer!!