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What’s Happening

One of my awesome friends lent me her Alesana CD today. I can’t wait to return from band practice and load it onto my iPod.

Yesterday’s fall play auditions ended up being rescheduled for Monday after school. The reason for this was that there was a bad storm, power going out, etc. Because of this I did not get the chance to audition but I don’t mind. I suppose that only gives me more time to prepare for Monday. I decided to audition for a singing role purely for the enjoyment of auditioning. I am not chasing after a serious part but it would be nice if my audition was a good one. Who knows? Maybe I will get a small part or something along those lines. I am positive that I want to do stage crew and hope signups are soon!

While these events were happening and being blogged about I had some other plans of my own running behind the scenes. A friend told me about a horse show coming up in October and I made the decision to aim for it in a heartbeat! She told me the show was simply a competition for fun No prizes, points, or intense competition. I believe the show will be a perfect opportunity for Adam and I to improve our riding and gain some valuable equestrian experience. I even know of a stable who will trailer us to the show! My friend will be giving me more information on the show circa Friday. The primary preparations I need to make right now are scheduling a vet’s appointment (For vaccinations) and calling the stable for a trailer. I cannot express how exciting this in words alone. This is an absolutely amazing opportunity and I will not let it slip through my fingers. I hope all goes well and this doesn’t end up like my previous county fair show plans. I will be certain to update on this when I receive more information!

– DA Agelle


The Love of the Theater

Play auditions were held in the auditorium after school today. Because of my awesome play experiences last year I decided, of course, to continue play this year. The play for this fall is The Wizard of Oz and the role I am trying out for is the Wicked Witch of the West. I do not expect to recieve the roll but part of the fun in play auditioning and the time spent staying after school. I know for certain that I want to do stage crew. More of my friends are also joining play this fall and a good many will probably do stage crew along with me. My experience as a cast member (Alice’s Sister in Alice in Wonderland) was terrific but I really enjoyed being part of crew for the spring play. Wish me luck for auditions and I will follow up this brief update with another post!

-DA Agelle


I am sad to see summer ending but excited for the coming fall. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. There are Friday night football games, fall play, and the best holiday of all -Halloween! This year  the piccolo section plans on being angels and demons for our march in the Halloween parade. I am certainly planning on being a demon! My main Halloween costume will probably be a zombie although I may have a few other ideas.

The band did a good job during halftime at the game Friday night. Our team lost but nevertheless I had fun hanging out with my friends. The following day the band did an amazing performance at a band festival. To add to my busy weekend schedule Sunday was spent working on various home projects such as crafting some ocean-themed hooks for my sister and I to hang in our room. They have a rustic beach cottage appearance and cause me to miss the great times spent at the Outer Banks in the summer.

Ocean Wall Hooks

On Sunday I also spent the evening with the horses. I rode Adam first and then Madam after him. Adam gave me trouble as usual. Mainly it was his bolting, rearing, and bucking which was a problem. I have a theory that my riding crop may be part of the issue. I believe it is ineffective and should be replaced with a stronger one. There is no school on Friday so I plan on going to Equine Chic and spending my gift card on a new one. I hope it works! Another item in need of replacement is my pretty purple riding helmet, unfortunately. During the last ride with Adam it was damaged after I was thrown in the pasture. Perhaps I will find a nice replacement at Equine Chic.

I wish everyone a happy late summer/early fall. I can’t wait for the Halloween decorations to appear and for the festivities to start!

-DA Agelle

Press Enter for Waffles

I made this dialog box on Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 during some free time I had in my Intro. to Computer Programming class. This is the screenshot I took of the dialog box. The box wasn’t a working coded program –just a simple GUI which does absolutely nothing. Nevertheless this little picture never ceases to make me smile so I decided to share it with my blog readers.


I will also post this image under my artwork and illustrations page.


“Save them for auditions.”

I received many wonderful comments during the school Open House this evening but those were my favorite words of all. I spoke to the play director about my play. Everything went well and she said she was eager to read my play sometime soon. Again the subject was brought up of its performance –so far I am under the implication that there is a 99% chance of its performance. It depends on the kind of performance –it may be performed as an official fall/spring play or it may have an event all of its own! Near the end of conversation the director asked about my extra copies of my director/cast/crew books. (I had planned on giving them to our other director for review.) I told her and she replied, “Save them for auditions.”

After hearing that I was absolutely thrilled. The news I just typed out in this post is pretty much everything I know about this experience. I promise as soon as I have more information on the subject I will give an update. Right now I am not hungry for any more information. If anything comes up I will probably be told about it. At this moment I plan on enjoying the spectacular words beginning this post. I honestly cannot believe that Master Manderdorke –a play that I WROTE- is sitting in a box in the play director’s classroom. This is absolutely amazing! I remember the moment when I first typed out the notes, later forming them into a script which was followed by a character list and stage guide. As I look at the finished copies sitting beside me I am reminded of all the hard work put into the play’s writing, printing, and folder assembly. Everything was worth it for the possibility of performance. I cannot wait for the director to read my play and give me her thoughts!

I want to end this post by giving a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported me. Thank you, it means the world to me.

-DA Agelle


I meant to publish this post yesterday and I do apologize for the delay. Yesterday I had literally no time whatsoever. I meant to finish the post this morning but was delayed yet again. Today my allergies are annoying and because of them I am in no mood to put up with anything.

The Drama Club meeting yesterday went well. Our fall play is going to be The Wizard of Oz. After the meeting I spoke to the director about considering my Master Manderdorke play for the Spring Play. She seemed to be interested in the idea which made me happy. I plan to speak to the other play director on Wednesday about considering my play.

The best part of my day so far was listening to Setting Fires’s new EP. It is the best EP I have heard in a long time! Setting Fires is basically a side project featuring the vocalist from Kill Hannah, the drummer from Good Charlotte, and a few other artists who I really can’t remember specifically at the moment. The EP is free to listen to on Setting Fires’s Myspace but I am extremely eager to purchase it as soon as possible. I hope the EP is sold as a CD as well as on iTunes. (I highly doubt it.) When it comes to choosing a hard copy of a CD and a digital album off the internet I almost always prefer the CD. However I will be happy to own the EP in whatever form possible. I highly recommend the EP all of my friends as well as anyone with similar music interests as me. Kill Hannah fans -this EP is a MUST.

 I can see myself singing along to the EP backstage during play rehearsal. Seriously.

-DA Agelle


Right now I know nothing on the status of my play’s possible consideration. I could only spend the past week wondering and discussing possibilities with the few friends who are aware of my play’s possible future. I hope to have a reply by Wednesday evening although there is a chance I could have the answer Monday. The words I can use to describe the past week are suspenseful, exciting, and uncertain. I completed an epilogue to use as “insurance” in the event that if a particular scene must be scratched or if a longer play is desired the epilogue could be used to fill the time. In my opinion the epilogue turned out well and it is very funny at the end!

Tomorrow I drop off the epilogue at the director’s classroom. I wonder if she read my play yet. There is really nothing I can do to influence my play being chosen or not so I suppose all there is to do is to hope. Wish me luck!

My life does not totally revolve around play yet. The football team won both of their games. The band had a great halftime performance. The first game was an away game and the most recent was at our home stadium. In my opinion the away games are the most fun for two reasons: 1. The band bus 2. More excitement. At both games I was very happy to see and talk to my best friend Sarah. Our next game is a home game.

I will end this entry now but will probably update tomorrow with some (Hopefully good!) news about play. No matter what happens to my play it was incredibly fun to write and worth the effort.

-DA Agelle