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October Fun

October? Already? Apparently it must be so! I can’t wait for Halloween this year. I plan on dressing as a zombie but not just any zombie! I will be a zombie from the Victorian Era. My costume looks absolutely eerie and I can’t wait to wear it on Halloween.

Another exciting event coming up this month is the horse show. Yes, I am going! Adam and I will be showing on October 23rd at a stable in Derry. In my spare time I am busy preparing for the show. Recently I finished designing my show outfit and completed customization of my stable jacket. Currently I am sewing a saddle blanket blanket. (Haha!) It sits on top of my regular saddle blanket to make it look nicer for show. The blanket is a pretty blue color with shiny white trim. (I didn’t like the way silver looked with it.) On the rear right corners I will sew about four black crystal beads to give decoration. I suppose it is also a good idea to incorporate black into the blanket since it is one of my stable colors. Today I plan on scheduling the vet appointment for vaccinations and a coggins test. I will also call to discuss trailering with a stable who offers it. If this all goes well Adam and I will be in the show!

I discovered Tuesday that I am the Assistant Stage Manager for the fall play. Basically it is a stage crew position focused on (obviously) assisting the stage manager. The first after-school practice was Wednesday. Everything went well and I can see already that this year’s fall play will be fun.

Apparently this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous so I do not intend on wasting a single moment of it. I am looking forward to tonight’s game where we will be marching our new show at halftime. Tomorrow I will start serious show training with Adam. In the evening I hope to hang out with my best friend and my other friends on a haunted hayride, house, barn, and the rest of the traditional haunted fall festivities. I wish everyone a happy weekend and to enjoy the pleasant weather while it remains.

-DA Agelle


Shadow Realm VI Release

Sunday is the release of Shadow Realm VI: My Zombie Friend For Life! I am finishing it right now and making the final preparations. I know many people will be busy on Easter with their families so I don’t expect to see many views until the day after.

After releasing SR I plan to place the majority of my writing effort on Rupeo Desert Wonder. When I release the second part to that I can (finally!) continue on with my fan literature and the wolf story.

Another video and some news

First off, here’s another video.

Second, I am working on new cover art for Shadow Realm V. Writing is coming along better now.

Random News

I am impressed to see some more views on Shadow Realm I : Shadows in the Night.

I am NOT impressed so far with Shadow RealmV : My Zombie Friend For Life. I am annoyed with the amount of text I have entered from my notebook. The main problems are time and me being lazy.

Fan literature is still under work.


I am now continuing writing after my break. I already have a good number of SR V pages completed, all they need is to be typed. Looking for another Fri. 13th release.


Shadow Realm IV: Black and Silver is FINALLY READY for release!! I can relax in peace, now. :)

Oh, joy…

Pressure is building. I am very, very busy this week and writing is difficult. VERY nervous about tomorrow’s release…..hope the next part is accepted well.

Back On

SR IV WILL be released Friday. That I am sure of. Same as before, I hope for many views. I am hoping for at least 10 views. Hoping for the best!!

Possible Delays

Sadly, there may be a delay on the release of Shadow Realm IV: Black and Silver. I have run out of the purple computer paper used to print out the parts and I haven’t been able to find the correct type. I hope I find some soon!!

New Picture

A new Shadow Realm picture has been added to my deviantart. Check it out! You may understand it better after SR IV comes out, but it still makes for a nice image. :)