Monthly Archives: March 2009

RDW’s Site Visitors

WOW! Rupeo Desert Wonder has brought 14 visitors to this site yesterday alone! I am almost about to give this story the title of one of the most popular stories discussed / read.  I am working as hard as I humanly can on RDW so I can release another section soon. I hate to keep everyone waiting too long!

By the way….Shadow Realm VI: My Zombie Friend For Life will probably be released sometime in April to give me time for work on RDW.


Site Updates

In case you hadn’t noticed yesterday I updated a few things here on the site:

1 – The front image has been updated and more SR character icons are added.

2 – The sidebar has changed to include a few more features such as a search bar, stats, and a little box where I can type random articles of text (I will usually put small updates or notices here)

Rupeo Desert Wonder Intro posted!

A split decision has been made.  I released just now the introduction to my new story Rupeo Desert Wonder. It is short but it is only an introduction. I hope you enjoy it and comments / feedback is appreciated. :)

Another Shadow Realm coming your way soon

I just finished writing Shadow Realm VI: My Zombie Friend For Life All it needs is to be typed, cover art, and it will be ready for release. The release date is sometime soon, maybe Easter at the latest. I want to release one Shadow Realm on Easter but I don’t know how much of the seventh I can get done in time. today.

Animal Paint Pictures

Be sure to expect some animal pictures done on Paint coming up soon!


Shadow Realm V: Darkest has now been posted. You may view it under the PAGES section of the sidebar >>>>

SR Title Change

I aplologize for the last-minute decision, but I have decided to change the title of the new Shadow Realm part. Shadow Realm V: My Zombie Friend For Life (Confrontation) will now be changed to Shadow Realm V: Darkest. I have decided upon the title change for a specific reason. This release was supposed to contain a part with Phan at the castle. However, I cut this part out for Shadow Realm VI. I felt this was a change which needed to be made. The name Darkest is supposed to relate to Shadow Realm III: Darkness. I feel this chapter is similar to Jenesis’s experience at the shadow-shape castle and wanted to express the connection with the title. The cover art, too, is supposed to reflect Darkness.

Preparing for SR V Release

I am busy writing for the release of Shadow Realm V: My Zombie Friend For Life (Confrontation) . I hope you like it!

Another video and some news

First off, here’s another video.

Second, I am working on new cover art for Shadow Realm V. Writing is coming along better now.

To All Music Lovers

Oh. My. Goodness. Is this NOT beautiful? I think this is an amazing song, and the piano version is beautiful. Here is the lyrics for the original below, just in case you are wondering about this song.