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Living in a Fun Mayhem

 It snowed on Thursday. In the middle of March. WHY? In my opinion, the snow is absolutely gorgeous in December while anticipating Christmas’s arrival. However, I do not appreciate it in the middle of March. Thank goodness it disappeared before the weekend or else I would become very upset.

So far I’m having a good time. Track, spring play, and weekends with my horses keep me busy enough. Currently I can balance my time between track and play very well. The only hectic moments will be days with track meets and the play practices before the performance in April. This year everything seems to be occurring in April. I have a one-day field trip to D.C., spring play, the band trip to Boston, and assorted track meets thrown in the mix. After that, finally, I can slow down to enjoy myself over the Easter break. After Easter my mind will concentrate on the rest of the track season until the desperately needed summer break begins! See? I’m not complaining about school one bit.

While absolutely everything seems to be occurring in my life I still prioritize work on Another Worthless Play. I have not posted any more scenes on this site because I decided to elaborate upon some of the earlier scenes. Right now I consider releasing the second scene after I finish this post. Since I am typing this during a fragment of free time in computer class it depends upon how much time I have left after writing this. I can promise that the play looks spectacular. I am currently working on the second act. Who knows? Maybe it will turn out to be my best piece of literature yet! I’ll just have to keep working on it and see.

As mentioned before in this post, I will travel with the marching band for a spring trip. I absolutely CANNOT wait to go. Along with the main attractions in Boston I will see Salem, Mass. and the historical sites related to the witch trials. While there I plan on taking countless pictures. The location may also inspire the creation of a few new spooky, dark stories! The concept sounds extremely  interesting. Upon my return I plan to post a few of my best pictures here and document my adventures during the trip. Until then I’ll be busy surviving the other adventures this spring.

-DA Agelle


Another Post

Honestly, nothing significant has occurred since the publishing of my last blog post. I am still writing my play, Shadow Realm, stories, and possibly a new comic series in my spare time. I really don’t want to clutter up this post with excruciatingly boring details so I will quickly touch upon the few interesting events that happened recently. For starters, the church where I work bingo at will no longer be hosting bingo. There are only two more weeks left until I work is done. Luckily I have another job lined up for me which I will probably start shortly before this summer. At least I am free from any conflicts which could possibly arise between work and spring play.

As of yesterday I discovered that, indeed, there will be a spring play this year. I cannot completely express how glad I am to hear this since play has now fused into part of my life. Nobody is sure whether the director chose the play yet. I wonder if she even read mine…

Adam recovered from his winter leg injury and I plan to ride him again when the weather warms up a bit. In addition to riding my horses I may quit taking private flute lessons in exchange for riding lessons again. This year I have a LOT of exciting things to look forward to this spring!

-DA Agelle

Let’s Go 2011!

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2011 already. Christmas is over and the next big thing to look forward to is spring play! So far this year is going great for me. I placed all of my Christmas money in savings for jockey school, future county fair/show funds, and a jockey saddle I hope to order before summer. (I’ll talk about that later.) Using the gift cards I received I ordered two items online. From Amazon I ordered a Kill Hannah t-shirt expected to arrive anytime between today and January 11th. I also ordered a racetrack style saddle blanket customized with Adam’s name as well as ‘J.B. Stables’. It is in the traditional #9 design (turquiose color) and I expect for it to arrive on the 13th. I cannot wait for the blanket’s arrival and hope to ride with it soon!

A friend gave me an elegant writing journal as a Christmas gift. After much consideration I decided to fill it with another stage play. This one will be about zombies for sure although I have no other specifications on this second play. When I have a few more pages finished I will share more information about it and possibly even post it here in the archives.

Hopefully these events will keep me preoccupied until the start of spring play. Adam is almost fully recovered so I hope to ride him more often in my spare time. Finally the band’s Boston trip is drawing near. These signs indicate that the new year will be an awesome one!

-DA Agelle

Before the Break + Shadow Realm part 11

Tomorrow is the last day of school before the Thanksgiving break. One of the many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving is the fact that there is no school on Thursday, Friday, AND Monday! I’ve been waiting for a long break and it couldn’t have come at a better time. So far I am feeling fantastic and cannot wait to continue the fun over the long holiday weekend.

I will start my recent news post with the subject of play yet again. ALL THREE of the performances were  astounding and the great memories experienced will last a lifetime. My role as the house (Or Housie-House, as I affectionately named it) certainly beats my official cast role of Alice’s Sister in last year’s fall play. The adventures after the play consisted of the traditional Eat N Park dinner and the cast party. Both were extremely entertaining and especially enjoyable when spending them with my wonderful friends in play. At the party I didn’t sleep one bit! I look forward to spending time with them again for spring play.

Another day I feel the need to describe is yesterday, November 22nd. The second I woke up I knew it would be a hopeful day. The top reason is the release of My Chemical Romance’s brand new album titled Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. As a matter of fact, I am listening to it right now. On repeat. When I returned from school I found the CD waiting for me in the kitchen and immediately imported it into my iPod. I highly recommend adding the album to your Christmas wish list. Better yet: buy it now. I celebrated the happy day with my best friends who were also thrilled about the album. I toted around with me my new Gerard felt doll who I completed the day before. (I will be sure to post pictures soon. In a little while I will probably even create a while page dedicated to my felt doll collection.) At the end of the school day I discovered my new band chair: fourth. Yes, that’s First Flute 4th Chair! I’m extremely proud of myself for the unexpected accomplishment. Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better I had a very profitable night working at the bingo hall with my best friend. Now I have money to spend on Christmas gifts as well as placing into my savings for Jockey School.

Around two days or so ago I finished Shadow Realm XI – The Clash. Immediately after the completion of this post I will release it. I hope it is enjoyed well and have a happy Thanksgiving holiday!

-DA Agelle

Welcome to November

I am happy to say that the past few weeks were basically nothing but fun. I have more time on my hands now because marching band season is finally over for this year. Before I go into the exciting things occurring this month I will summarize the end of October and Halloween holiday.

I didn’t go to the horse show but at least Halloween was enjoyable. I loved my costume, in particular my Victorian zombie veil with beautiful black flowers. I had so much fun hanging out with my friends at the Halloween dance and spending time with my family on Halloween night. Our family Halloween gatherings are always thrilling and I look forward to them every year. I even have a few ideas for next year’s costume.

The fall play is at the end of this week. Everything is looking promising and I know we will have a great show. On Friday the cast and crew gave a preview to the Junior High. In addition to my enjoyable experiences as stage crew I was gifted with an additional role: Moving Dorothy’s house across the stage during the tornado. The house, crafted in foam, is big enough for me (As well as two more people!) to fit in snugly. I would know because my friends and I sit inside while talking about MCR’s new album, haha. My “role” also doubles as the Wicked Witch of the East. Onstage I follow a path of glow-in-the-dark tape across the stage wearing the ruby slippers. When I drop the house after the tornado I stick my feet out from underneath. Originally a pair of stuffed stockings were going to be used but this was changed on the day of the play preview. The date of the play is so close and I can’t wait! After play practice today I am pre-ordering My Chemical Romance’s Danger Days album. It is released on November 22nd, just in time to enjoy over the Thanksgiving holiday. 

I love the part of the year spanning from the county fair to Christmas in particular. I don’t know if it is the spacing of roughly one major holiday per month or my interest in the autumn season. The joy behind Christmas is a no-brainer -Who doesn’t love family and a giant tree in the house? There is no staying after school for band or play practice so I have more time to spend on my other projects such as the horses, writing, etc. (Basically everything I said I would complete post after post ago.) At the very least I want my wolf story and the next Shadow Realm part posted. I see Shadow Realm being released soon but I’m not sure on my wolf story or other writing pieces. I thought once about scrapping the zebra story but decided to keep it, shortening the length at the least. I wanted to make it novel-sized but in the end I simply kept running out of ideas and throwing away the majority of the ones I already had drafted out in my mind. I know that it will still be a good story -just shorter and less repatative.

Thank you once again to my readers who take time out of their lives to pay attention to my ramblings. I highly suggest coming to see me in the play this weekend.

-DA Agelle

October Fun

October? Already? Apparently it must be so! I can’t wait for Halloween this year. I plan on dressing as a zombie but not just any zombie! I will be a zombie from the Victorian Era. My costume looks absolutely eerie and I can’t wait to wear it on Halloween.

Another exciting event coming up this month is the horse show. Yes, I am going! Adam and I will be showing on October 23rd at a stable in Derry. In my spare time I am busy preparing for the show. Recently I finished designing my show outfit and completed customization of my stable jacket. Currently I am sewing a saddle blanket blanket. (Haha!) It sits on top of my regular saddle blanket to make it look nicer for show. The blanket is a pretty blue color with shiny white trim. (I didn’t like the way silver looked with it.) On the rear right corners I will sew about four black crystal beads to give decoration. I suppose it is also a good idea to incorporate black into the blanket since it is one of my stable colors. Today I plan on scheduling the vet appointment for vaccinations and a coggins test. I will also call to discuss trailering with a stable who offers it. If this all goes well Adam and I will be in the show!

I discovered Tuesday that I am the Assistant Stage Manager for the fall play. Basically it is a stage crew position focused on (obviously) assisting the stage manager. The first after-school practice was Wednesday. Everything went well and I can see already that this year’s fall play will be fun.

Apparently this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous so I do not intend on wasting a single moment of it. I am looking forward to tonight’s game where we will be marching our new show at halftime. Tomorrow I will start serious show training with Adam. In the evening I hope to hang out with my best friend and my other friends on a haunted hayride, house, barn, and the rest of the traditional haunted fall festivities. I wish everyone a happy weekend and to enjoy the pleasant weather while it remains.

-DA Agelle

The Love of the Theater

Play auditions were held in the auditorium after school today. Because of my awesome play experiences last year I decided, of course, to continue play this year. The play for this fall is The Wizard of Oz and the role I am trying out for is the Wicked Witch of the West. I do not expect to recieve the roll but part of the fun in play auditioning and the time spent staying after school. I know for certain that I want to do stage crew. More of my friends are also joining play this fall and a good many will probably do stage crew along with me. My experience as a cast member (Alice’s Sister in Alice in Wonderland) was terrific but I really enjoyed being part of crew for the spring play. Wish me luck for auditions and I will follow up this brief update with another post!

-DA Agelle


I am sad to see summer ending but excited for the coming fall. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. There are Friday night football games, fall play, and the best holiday of all -Halloween! This year  the piccolo section plans on being angels and demons for our march in the Halloween parade. I am certainly planning on being a demon! My main Halloween costume will probably be a zombie although I may have a few other ideas.

The band did a good job during halftime at the game Friday night. Our team lost but nevertheless I had fun hanging out with my friends. The following day the band did an amazing performance at a band festival. To add to my busy weekend schedule Sunday was spent working on various home projects such as crafting some ocean-themed hooks for my sister and I to hang in our room. They have a rustic beach cottage appearance and cause me to miss the great times spent at the Outer Banks in the summer.

Ocean Wall Hooks

On Sunday I also spent the evening with the horses. I rode Adam first and then Madam after him. Adam gave me trouble as usual. Mainly it was his bolting, rearing, and bucking which was a problem. I have a theory that my riding crop may be part of the issue. I believe it is ineffective and should be replaced with a stronger one. There is no school on Friday so I plan on going to Equine Chic and spending my gift card on a new one. I hope it works! Another item in need of replacement is my pretty purple riding helmet, unfortunately. During the last ride with Adam it was damaged after I was thrown in the pasture. Perhaps I will find a nice replacement at Equine Chic.

I wish everyone a happy late summer/early fall. I can’t wait for the Halloween decorations to appear and for the festivities to start!

-DA Agelle


Right now I know nothing on the status of my play’s possible consideration. I could only spend the past week wondering and discussing possibilities with the few friends who are aware of my play’s possible future. I hope to have a reply by Wednesday evening although there is a chance I could have the answer Monday. The words I can use to describe the past week are suspenseful, exciting, and uncertain. I completed an epilogue to use as “insurance” in the event that if a particular scene must be scratched or if a longer play is desired the epilogue could be used to fill the time. In my opinion the epilogue turned out well and it is very funny at the end!

Tomorrow I drop off the epilogue at the director’s classroom. I wonder if she read my play yet. There is really nothing I can do to influence my play being chosen or not so I suppose all there is to do is to hope. Wish me luck!

My life does not totally revolve around play yet. The football team won both of their games. The band had a great halftime performance. The first game was an away game and the most recent was at our home stadium. In my opinion the away games are the most fun for two reasons: 1. The band bus 2. More excitement. At both games I was very happy to see and talk to my best friend Sarah. Our next game is a home game.

I will end this entry now but will probably update tomorrow with some (Hopefully good!) news about play. No matter what happens to my play it was incredibly fun to write and worth the effort.

-DA Agelle

Posted and Waiting…

The cast list and first act of Master Manderdorke were posted yesterday. They are in the sidebar in my story section. You should expect the second act to be completed around the end of the month.

The following stories should be expected to be released by the end of summer:

Shadow Realm X

The next part of Rupeo Desert Wonder

Around Act III or so of Master Manderdorke (Depending upon how long the acts are and how I choose to divide them)

– The first part of my horse story Eboni Dawn

and more.