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Quagga Journal # 1-1: Zeine

After seeing the fellow members of my herd shot down around me my life forever felt empty and alone. My name is Zeine, and I was once the great leader of the Sunset Spring quagga herd. I know for a fact that I did not deserve to be leader. I couldn’t save my herd from the hunters -and I deserve to be killed along with them. Now I wander the vast and haunting savannah plains, hoping on a slim chance that I may find another quagga. As far as I know, sadly, I am probably the last wild quagga in existence. Since I started my journey I have not found any sign of a quagga. I also cannot return to my homelands, for a large group of hunters have set up camp.


RDW’s Site Visitors

WOW! Rupeo Desert Wonder has brought 14 visitors to this site yesterday alone! I am almost about to give this story the title of one of the most popular stories discussed / read.  I am working as hard as I humanly can on RDW so I can release another section soon. I hate to keep everyone waiting too long!

By the way….Shadow Realm VI: My Zombie Friend For Life will probably be released sometime in April to give me time for work on RDW.

Rupeo Desert Wonder Intro posted!

A split decision has been made.  I released just now the introduction to my new story Rupeo Desert Wonder. It is short but it is only an introduction. I hope you enjoy it and comments / feedback is appreciated. :)