Master Manderdorke (Stage Play)

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Master Manderdorke is a stage play set around Victorian Era times. The plot of the play deals with young Ziles Manderdorke who loses his beloved artistic talent due to his jealous butler Fereton Ravington. The play was written during the summer of 2010.

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Character List

Cast Size: 12 roles

(Not including any additional extras)


The Manderdorkes

Master Ziles Manderdorke – The main character who loves art, poetry, and literature.  He is the son of Reginald and Delonia Manderdorke. Ziles is intelligent and gifted which causes Fereton Ravington’s jealousy. He has in independent mind which he dedicates to his painting.

Mr. Reginald Manderdorke – Ziles’s father, husband of Delonia Manderdorke. He is eccentric and wealthy like the rest of the Manderdorke family members.

Mrs. Delonia Manderdorke – Ziles’s mother, wife of Reginald Manderdorke. She is very high-class and loves to spend time in the grand mansion gardens.

The Ravingtons

Fereton Ravington – The old butler of the mansion with a very cold personality. His job is to care for and to keep order in the mansion. He is the oldest servant in the mansion. He is very dedicated to artwork in a manner similar to Ziles. Fereton is almost always unhappy and becomes angry frequently.

Mr. Caret Ravington – Fereton Ravington’s brother who stays at the mansion because of a house fire. He later decides to reside permanently. Caret is the husband of Clerec Ravington and the father of Calyss and Erix Ravington.

Mrs. Clerec Ravington – Caret Ravington’s wife and mother of the twins Calyss and Erix Ravington. Some of her hobbies are painting and the night sky.

Calyss Ravington – She is the eldest of the Ravington twins, a high-class girl with a narcissist attitude. Calyss is very intelligent and thinks highly of herself. She loves learning -especially to prove other people wrong. Her favorite pie is blueberry.

Erix Ravington – He is the younger of the Ravington twins. Unlike his sister Calyss he does not particularly enjoy learning, reading and writing as a hobby. Despite Calyss’s rude behavior towards him Erix continues to support her throughout.

Other Servants

Ms. Ninnia Florett – She is the second servant of the mansion. Ninnia is the servant in charge of cleaning, cooking, and keeping the mansion in order. With her calm and supportive attitude she is a great friend to Calyss and Erix.

Other Roles

Mrs. Vinnia Lorke – She is Delonia Manderdorke’s sister, Esdiro Lorke’s wife, mother of Roac Lorke, and Ziles Manderdorke’s aunt. Vinnia is a graceful, high-class lady who is fearful of Fereton Ravington.

Mr. Esdiro Lorke – He is the husband of Vinnia Lorke, father of Roac Lorke, and Ziles Manderdorke’s uncle.

Mr. Roac Lorke – Roac is the energetic young son of Mr. and Mrs. Lorke. He is Ziles’s younger cousin.

Extras: Extras should be included in the Act I Scene I party scene.

The full play script, props list/stage guide, and character list are available to read. Due to the length of this play I decided to upload my play as .PDF files instead of posting it directly on this page. Download or view the files by clicking the links below.

Master Manderdorke – Character List

This file contains a complete list and description of all characters in the stage play. (This is identical to the character description text posted above.)

Master Manderdorke – Props List and Stage Guide

The props list and stage guide details more of the technical aspects of the play such as stage directions, props used, and methods for setting up the stage. I recommend reading this before the script or play rehearsal.

Master Manderdorke – Script

Finally, the full play script! Enjoy.


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