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I can’t wait for Christmas!

Ever since the start of November I really haven’t had the opportunity to start anything interesting, yet alone blog about it*. AP Literature & Composition stole every writing-based cell in my body for the year. Adam and Madam are fine as usual, locked inside the corral and away from the pasture for the winter. While riding Adam I popped over a few jumps with him. They were all under a foot, probably closer to 6-8 inches. Still, I think that’s an accomplishment for him! I also bought new spurs, which help a lot with cantering. They are gorgeous English spurs with black Italian leather straps, studded by two blue crystals on each.

Anyways, I can’t believe there are only ten more days until Christmas! Thanksgiving absolutely flew by, thanks to the huge amount of schoolwork and projects I’m facing in my junior year. Last Saturday I finally had a great chance to relax when my best friend Bolana invited me to a dance. There we had fun dancing (yes, I actually danced and loved it!) and Bolana introduced me to her homeschooled friends. Then all that I have to do is survive two school weeks and…Christmas break! I wonder what wonderful horse-related presents are awaiting me this year. There’s a gorgeous white sheepskin show saddle pad that I saw in a tack shop that I would love to have for future horse shows! I updated Adam’s vaccinations and u test so he is good to go for showing this spring/summer! I am continuing to take riding lessons and they are going very well. My instructor said I have a beautiful seat (thank Adam for that!). We’ll jump after Christmas and then who knows what? She also said she’d let me try riding in a double bridle, which is another piece of tack I adore. Come on, Christmas break…just six more school days!!

-DA Agelle


P.S. I have a new phone now, so expect many pictures sometime soon! :)

* Actually, I wrote a Shakespearean sonnet but didn’t like the end result.


Holidays at Last!

Yesterday was the day I, along with my fellow classmates and friends, returned to school after the five day Thanksgiving break. On that day I officially begun the countdown to the next holiday break: Christmas. These few weeks are going to go fast. I already have two of my Christmas gifts and plan to do the majority of my Christmas gift shopping soon. This year I seem to have so many people on my gift list, forcing me to automatically dart to the clearance rack upon entering stores at the mall. Thank goodness f0r my sense of creativity and a love for crafting things by hand. In the small ounces of spare time I have I am constructing a Christmas gift which is looking awesome so far! (Shhh!) Saturdays are full for me. For the first three Saturdays in December I will be attending birthday parties. The next one is Christmas Day. Sometimes I feel like a Santa elf, gathering and noting gift ideas left and right. Thank goodness for this wonderful window of spare time found in my compter class. If it wasn’t for me completing my work early this blog post (as well as a few before this one) probably wouldn’t be published. It also gave me an opportunity to start the next Shadow Realm currently entitled Shadow Realm XII – Beyond the Realm. I would not expect it to be released before Christmas.

I hope Christmas comes soon because I can hardly wait. My miniature Christmas tree is set up in my room, holiday decorations are displayed, and my gift-giving and gift-wish lists are nearly complete. In case anyone is wondering (hint-hint! :) ) about my dream presents this year I will gladly share a few.

Money. Horse stuff. Money for horse stuff.

Oh, and the Inception DVD would be cool too.

Thanks goes out to those who read this post. Good luck on your holiday preparations!

-DA Agelle

Christmas is coming (Quite Quickly!)

A month ago I saw my first Christmas commercial of the year. Most stores already have their holiday decorations out for sale. Christmas dresses have just been placed on display. Whether we like it or not, the holidays are coming quickly. Personally, I dislike any Christmas decorations on display before Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Despite how I despise Christmas matters this early, I do know I must start planning my Christmas stories now if I wish to have them finished and ready for the holidays. I know it is not the most pleasant of things to think about when we are still in autumn but please bear with me. So, what sort of stories would you like to read this year? I know for certain that I have a horse story planned. I am willing to consider all opinions and suggestions for the stories.