Monthly Archives: November 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you enjoy your turkey dinners. :)

To celebrate I have posted a new short story titled “The Cardboard Box Assassin”. Read it by clicking its title in the sidebar!

At this very moment I am working on my new story about a racehorse named Sockpointer! I hope to post the first part to it soon.


The Last Quagga: Now posted!

“I hear the guns in the distance, the humans on their horses chasing after me. Tired and weary, yet I cannot stop galloping. My life depends on it. I am the last wild quagga of the African savannah. For as long as I could remember I witnessed the savage and bloodthirsty humans raid the savannah, chasing my herd as far as we could run before killing off a few. For too long I relived countless times the awful scenario of waking up to find less and less quaggas roaming the savannah by my side. Yesterday I had witnessed the last quagga from my herd captured and killed. Today would be my turn unless I fought back. So I did. Gathering the last bit of strength in my legs I dart across the ground like lightning until I could feel the hunters dropping back. Finally when I could not hear them any longer I stop and turn around. The sun is setting, casting a beautiful multicolored glow across the land.”

My quagga story The Last Quagga is finished and posted in the sidebar.

Part 3 to zebra story completed

Part 3 “Trapped” to my zebra story Rupeo Desert Wonder has been posted! Read it by clicking the link in the sadebar! I hope you enjoy it. :)