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Randomness to share

Found this on Youtube, thought I would share it wish you. If the embedded video below doesn’t work, I will post the link also. Thank you to a friend who reccommended it to me.

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Zombies R Us: Specialiazing in professional brain removal

OK….I heard that some people are upset with Stephanie Meyer writing about vampires as gorgeous and sparkling in the sun. I DON’T want to have that happen to my zombies, Phan in particular. Remember…there are different kinds of zombies abd the SR is a different place entirely. Just wanted to throw that out there…thanks!

Typing On, Thanks Everyone!

Once again, thank you to all who read Shadow Realm III: Darkness. You all are amazing! It’s been a day since the release and already I am making good progress on the fourth. Just a reminder that I uploaded what I am considering to be the cover art for SR IV: Black and Silver. The name is still under consideration, but I think that it will end up being the final title. I have about two pages of Black and Silver in first-form already (Equal to about 3 or so pages in final-form). Aiming for a release date in early Ferbuary.

Front page updated, as well as a couple pages. Character guide updated slightly.

I can’t wait!!

I can’t wait for the new show on Animal Planet to air! It’s called “Jockeys”!! Watch it, it sounds really, really good!!