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Merry Christmas!! To start of the wonderful holiday, Daybreak in the Forest is finally released! I think you will enjoy the pretty art at least. Also released on deviantart!


The Eve of Release

Daybreak in the Forest is going to be released tomorrow, I’m sure you heard. I am impressed with myself for finishing it a couple days ahead of schedule. Now, i’m just twittering and posting some of my art on deviantart. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell your friends and family this Christmas about Shadow Realm. The deviantart account was so that more people would be able to find out about my stories. If Daybreak in the Forest gets at least a hundred total views before New Year’s, I will have recieved the best Christmas gift this year.

As far as horse stories, I am making some serious plans for a story called Rupeo Desert Wonder. It will be a zebra story, however. Don’t worry! A racehorse story is coming after that.


Finally, I have decided to get a deviantart account. All stories on there will still be posted on here, same with updates. (sort of like when twitter came). I would recommend at least going there to see the pictures. I don’t think I will put all pictures on there on this site, so if you like my art (you probably won’t once you see SR III cover art) I would recommend checking up on there. Remember, my account link will always be in the sidebar thataways >>>.

Site Updates <3

The page Shadow Realm in the sidebar is updated, but only a litte now. It includes a character guide, which I will work on later.

Daybreak in the Forest

I would have liked to update here sooner, but unfortunately I have been busy writing. SR II is named Daybreak in the Forest. It will be released on Christmas Eve (24th). I finished writing it yesterday. I am surprised that it was finished this early! I was imagining something like a mad scramble on the 23rd and the cover done poorly on the 24th. I am happy for this, and can begin working on SR III, which is being planned for a New Year release! That means that in about 7 days, I will need to finish SR III! If I start now, maybe that would take some pressure off. Follow for further updates on my favorites list on Twitter, which can be accessed thataways on the sidebar >>>>

SR II – Untitled

I am throwing around a couple names for SR II, which is still untitled. Writing is in the process and the cover art is yet to be made. I am going to have to work fast if SR II is to be done by Christmas!!


FOUR HITS!! That’s the success of Shadows in the Night. I am impressed!! I hope more people read it!  Already, the second is under production. SR started in 2006 but got postponed for a month or three because of stories such as Crystal and The Horse Story. Characters had to be drawn on Paint and a discription carefully and precisely saved. Finally, I was able to lay down the rough path of the story up to about story 10 or 20. Plot was a little tricky, but I was finally able to figure something out that was interesting.


Shadows in the Night has finally arrived!! You will find the story posted in the sidebar thataways >>> PLEASE comment!! I would really appreciate that. :)


So maybe the updates on twitter aren’t really the best thing….ah, well. Don’t worry! Major updates will be posted here, so you don’t really have to go to twitter anymore to check for updates…at least, the major important ones. The image in an earlier post will always be stuck to the front page, BTW..

Welcome! Stories, Updates are thataways on the sidebar >>


Don’t steal ANY stories. Go write your own. Don’t steal ANY art. It’s all made on Paint*, a default program on most computers. Go draw your own.

*exception of zebra and a few other pictures. don’t steal either.