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Blog Move! (But Not Really)

As a few of my readers noticed earlier this month, I started a new blog entitled ‘J.B. Stables’. My stable blog, home to all of my equine content, focuses on stories and events related to my horses and equestrienne life. Keeping all of my horse related content in its own realm of the Archives blog has been difficult for me lately. Since horses are the most important thing in my life, I certainly did not want to risk having my other writing compete with them for time and blog space. I’d guess approximately 70% of this blog is my writing -stage plays, illustrations or otherwise- and to me that’s disappointing! Because of this I decided to start another blog focused solely on horses, hence the creation of the new stable site!

For my friends who don’t care for horses but enjoy reading my other writing, do not panic! I will not delete the Archives or remove its public visibility status. Think of this as a split -all of my random creative ideas in the Archives, then my horse news on the stable blog. Then I’ll feel that instead of managing one blog toggling between two very different topics, I’ll have two blogs containing information organized pertaining to the topic. Hopefully everything will work out wonderfully! Here is the URL of the new blog. Please check it out and feel free to leave any feedback!

J.B. Stables

In about an hour I am leaving with French Club on our winter Quebec trip. Expect beautiful snowy photos when I return!

-DA Agelle