French Field Trip







This Thursday I went on the first French field trip this school year. Currently I am in my third year of French, and have been on previous field trips over the last two years. Our field trip involved a visit to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and lunch at a local French restaurant.

First we stopped at a local church while waiting for our appointed time for arriving at the restaurant (we were a bit early). The inside is an example of neo-Gothic architecture. Attached with this post are a few of the pictures I took there. The girl walking in the lower right corner of one of the photos is my friend Maria. An organist practiced in the background, giving off a ‘sacred-feeling’ atmosphere. After strolling around for a few minutes we returned to the buses and left for the restaurant.

We ate at a Paris-themed restaurant which serves authentic French food. I had a diet Coca-Cola, a sandwich with ham and cheese called a croque monsieur (spelling?) and a crepe with Nutella and whipped cream for dessert! The croque monsieur consisted of two slices of bread with ham and melted cheese in between. More melted cheese covered the top bread slice. Alongside the dish was a small salad with a bit of dressing. I don’t eat salad often, but I certainly did at the restaurant! I want to eat there again someday.

Thankful for the day out of classes, my classmates and I eagerly explored the museum while having los of fun along the way. The museum contained an exhibit of French art, but my friends and I spent our time walking around the other exhibits instead! We saw a hallway of stuffed birds, vintage watches, Native American artifacts, and breathtaking Egyptian artifacts. I even pet a giant stuffed buffalo! Finally, after the field trip was done, we returned to school just in time to catch the buses home.

Photography probably wasn’t allowed in the museum, so instead I attached a few enchanting church photos. Pardon any typing errors in this post -I am experimenting with the blogging application on my new phone.

-DA Agelle


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