Content Revamp!

Well, did anyone notice? I spent the past two doing a bit of redecorating to the Archives. I consolidated a few pages and dug up some of my old horse content to share here. In the sidebar I removed some of the links to my stories, instead placing them on their parent pages. For example, clicking the ‘Shadow Realm Book I’ page will display a list of links for the first nine parts of Shadow Realm. This way readers can still access all blog content while preventing my sidebars from becoming too overwhelmed with unnecessary pages.

My ‘J.B. Stables’ page contains more horse photos along with a short biography of my horses. I plan on creating a ‘profile page’ for each of my horses with their stories as well. (Madam’s is already posted -see the sidebar link.) This way additional readers who are new to my blog can quickly reference the pages instead of clicking through dozens of old posts to understand the horses I blog about. Later on I will restore additional pieces of backlogged horse content.

Thank you for tolerating my hectic (and sometimes dangerously creative) mind. I know the Archives has been an obscure organizational system of a scattered purpose and eventually time will settle this blog back to a regular, clear-focused pace. I witnessed an odd pattern lately -this blog appears to mirror the distractions, thought processes, and mental state of my own mind more than intended!

-DA Agelle

And, yes, I will continue to sign my posts as ‘DA’. ;)


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