Fair Chronicles – Part II of II

As promised in my earlier post, I will continue my county fair adventures from Sunday. Since no major events occurred after Sunday at the fairgrounds, I decided to end my journal on Sunday.


I woke early on Sunday morning to start grooming Adam for his first show, the fair’s judging at halter. For the past two days I hosed him in the wash stall followed by vigorous brushing. My diligent work must have paid off since he displayed one of the shiniest (natural –no ShoSheen!) coats I have ever seen! I trimmed his mane and tail which were also thoroughly combed. When my family came to see us, they could not believe he was the same horse!

Both Adam and I understood the significance of this show. This class would be our first of hopefully many more shows together. I am proud to explain how hard we worked throughout our four years together. Although we were only competing in a halter class I still felt thankful that I had a wonderful horse to exhibit to the world. Adam trotted into the arena and lined up behind the other horses for evaluation. He did not win a ribbon, unfortunately, in either his halter or Western W/T class. Adam had a very good ride in his W/T class, but unfortunately showed his impatience. He started out perfectly until he kept trying to speed up after the trot. I think I will compete in barrels or another games class with him next year, just for fun.


One of the girls whose horse was stalled next to Adam referenced me to a stable where she boards her horse. I am thrilled to say that I will now be taking English lessons there on Fridays! My first one is on the 30th. :)

Finally, Adam and I headed home Wednesday morning. Upon our return to the stable Madam pranced in the pasture by the fence line, overjoyed at our return. She certainly missed Adam very much! I absolutely loved the horse show experience Adam and I shared and certainly will show next year too!


-DA Agelle


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