And We’re Off!

To the fair! I just returned from horse camp earlier in the week, enough time to finish the final preparations needed for this coming weekend at the fairgrounds. Tomorrow morning Adam and I will ride from the stable for a 5-6 mile trip to the fair. Our travel may take any time around or over two hours but I know we’ll make it there. I can’t believe I am finally showing! After the typhoon of calamity and disappointment shadowing us for the past couple years, I feel like a strange survivor freeing themselves from a shipwreck.


Thanks, Adam, for being a cartoon character who falls  in countless episodes only to return onscreen again with the same designed-for-TV poise as before. Thanks for putting up with me since I became your owner in 2007. Believe it or not, I treasure every ride you ever gave me and every lesson you caused me to learn. Finally, I can never thank you enough for the adventure you are about to spend with me at the fair. I know you will ride and shine your best in the show ring.

Adam, August 2011

P.S. No, I will not remove your muzzle until your chance of foundering is lessened upon winter’s approach. :)

-DA Agelle


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  1. Best of luck! I’m just SO happy for you that this dream gets to come true! :D As long as I’ve known you, you’ve had 2 dreams: 1) To get a horse. . . And after that came true: 2) To compete Adam in the fair. Have a great time and safe rides!

    And awwww. . . :”) Such a beautiful thank you to Adam. Now that I own a horse too, I can completely relate. And I’ve learned that even when we’re annoyed with our horses or they’re annoyed with us, there is still an unbreakable bond between owner and horse. :)


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