I’m Back!

On a sad, warm Saturday morning my family and I loaded up our vehicles and drove away from the Outer Banks towards home. Throughout the week I had the beach adventure of my life, swimming in the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean and releasing my excess energy running across the sand. One day I caught a crab and kept it in a bucket. Later on I realized, after watching my new “pet” for probably a half hour straight, that any crab not a hermit crab is quite a boring pet. You can only pet them with a stick or else they snap at your fingers. Well, I suppose it could have been worse. I could have caught one of the 3409750348 billion jellyfish floating around throughout the course of the week (well, maybe not exactly that many). The only villain of the week was sunburn on my face and back. Unfortunately, exciting adventures must come to an end –but that does not necessarily mean they are not preceding other adventures.

On the drive back home my family stopped at the colonial town of Williamsburg overnight. There we shopped around in a vast bookstore attended an evening ghost tour. That evening I heard a number of unique stories dealing with the undead. One of my favorites involved a Civil War-era story at an old church. Being a Civil War story, of course, it was quite eerie.

Included in this post are a few pictures I took during the course of my vacation. Most are waterscapes but are rather pretty sights.

Great Vacations

In your opinion, readers, what recipe concocts the “perfect vacation”? Does the destination matter as much as the people you travel with? Who do you vacation with? Our family vacations consist of everyone from me, my parents, my cousins and their spouses/children, uncles, aunts, and grandparents. We all go to the beach every summer. The beaches themselves vary although we routinely favored the Outer Banks in years past. To me, I prefer the Outer Banks but the exact beach does not matter. I love vacationing with my family and in my opinion the fun generates from the family members around me. Traveling with such a wide range of people from my grandparents to my second cousins in their toddler years results in such a broad range of entertaining activities.

Besides the obvious vacation focal point (in our case, the beach itself) what other games and activities contribute to an enjoyable vacation? Souvenir shopping, eating out, playing games in the sand or sitting in the hot tub can become cherished memories. I consider them as important as M&Ms topping my ice cream; if they aren’t present, it doesn’t taste the same. This year I remember enjoying a scary movie from NetFlix late at night and singing “When You Were Young” by The Killers and The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” on Rock Band. I felt a wave of surprise when I actually…didn’t break anyone’s ears!

Finally the perfect vacation includes a delicious treat from a nearby ice cream place. Speaking of ice cream, has anyone ever heard of the flavor ‘Superman Vanilla’? It tastes exactly like vanilla ice cream but comes in a rainbow swirl of colors. I love the flavor but I can never find it. I remember that it exists in obscure ice cream shops but apparently no major places around here have it. The closest I came was the ice cream place down the road from our cottage but they only had ‘Superman’ consisting of fruit flavors. If anyone has any information relating to the location of this flavor, please share! Thank you.

-DA Agelle


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  1. librarianatmp

    Hey-o my friend!

    Sounds like you had a gorgeous week on vacation! I hope you enjoyed the side trip to Williamsburg–I absolutely adore that town!

    My idea of a “perfect vacation” consists of where we go, what we do, who all is going, and how we all are feeling. If people get sick or are crabby, the vacation isn’t so good. It’s usually best when it’s just me and my parents going on the vacation. I’ve always preferred going to the beach, but Williamsburg is also very nice. My favorite ever vacation activity was crabbing; but anything from dolphin tours, to shopping, to frisbee on the beach, to enjoying some Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory icecream are fun for me. I usually prefer a semi-relaxed vacation–not planned so that we do something every waking moment, but still including some planned activities such as canoeing or amusment parks.

    And no, I’ve never heard of Superman Vanilla ice cream. Ask the Irrelevance Cooking-Master, maybe?


  2. YES, thank you! Someone actually enjoys a vacation in which Every.Single.Aspect. is NOT planned out or in hyper-organized mode! I like letting the fun develop through everyone’s own imaginative ideas along with whatever fun activities are within our availability.

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