At The Fairgrounds

I took my county fair entry papers up to the fairgrounds today and turned them in. The lady collecting my entry stated that it would take only fifteen minutes for her to get my sleeping pass and other exhibitor papers. I agreed to wait for my papers at the fairgrounds and pass some time walking around the grounds. Today a Quarter Horse breed show circuit held a show and there were gorgeous Quarter Horses everywhere! Most were preparing for the halter classes. While walking through one of the barns (the horse barn where Adam will probably stay for the county fair) I saw an old friend. The horse I rode during my riding lessons back in seventh grade was there, braided up and standing in a stall! I greeted him and stood around to see if my former instructor would be there as well. She wasn’t but another person in the barn said that I could probably stop by and check again at a later time. I hope I could find a moment to at least say hello to her tomorrow. I would like to ask her about taking riding lessons again, because I really wanted to ride at her stable again for a while. Perhaps I could ride English for her this time.

-DA Agelle


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