“Wow, the archives looks DIFFERENT!” If you are thinking something along that phrase, then you have obviously noticed the change in my blog layout! I had the old black-on-black theme for years now and felt that a change could be nice. All of the pages, categories, links, and other information posted in the past is still on this blog. Some pages may have merely moved under different headers, such as my two stage plays. I updated my stable page with a picture and will finally finish it near the end of this summer (hopefully). I assure every reader that this new theme will be easier to read and navigate around. In the top right corner of my header is a tiny blue Facebook icon which links to my Facebook page. That way, my friends in real-life with Facebook have an easy link to my page for contact. Links to my blog pages are both in the right sidebar AND towards the header on the top. (The horse in the middle of my header, by the way, is Madam. Isn’t she sweet?) Finally, thanks to different post formats available for use, I can easily create posts consisting of photo galleries, quotes, and even short updates with a few lines of text. I hope everyone enjoys my updated blog theme and the new features it will allow me to share with you in the future.

-DA Agelle


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