As Time Continues…

The good news this week started on Tuesday when I ran one of my best track meets ever. It started with an 800 relay which I feel I ran well in. Later on I finished second in the regular 800 meter event. After that I placed FIRST in the 2-mile race, my most difficult event! I felt wonderful after the meet which kept me in a positive mood throughout the rest of the week.

Another reason to raise excitement is the field trip to Washington DC this Friday. The trip is for students in French classes, which includes a good amount of my friends. I went to DC a few times before in my life, trips which contained memorable experiences. I remember meeting many pigeons, riding the subway, and meeting a police horse. War memorials, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial are obviously included as well. The gorgeous cherry blosson trees should be blooming during the visit. I plan to take pictures of them (along with other notable sights encountered on the trip). I will probably post a sample of my best pictures here.

Currently: 1-2 days until D.C . trip, a week and a half until spring play, and approximately a little over 2 weeks until the band trip to Boston! I can’t wait for any of these events!

-DA Agelle

P.S. The long bus ride gives me an excellent opportunity to finish writing my play. Look forward to more chapter releases soon.


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