Another Post

Honestly, nothing significant has occurred since the publishing of my last blog post. I am still writing my play, Shadow Realm, stories, and possibly a new comic series in my spare time. I really don’t want to clutter up this post with excruciatingly boring details so I will quickly touch upon the few interesting events that happened recently. For starters, the church where I work bingo at will no longer be hosting bingo. There are only two more weeks left until I work is done. Luckily I have another job lined up for me which I will probably start shortly before this summer. At least I am free from any conflicts which could possibly arise between work and spring play.

As of yesterday I discovered that, indeed, there will be a spring play this year. I cannot completely express how glad I am to hear this since play has now fused into part of my life. Nobody is sure whether the director chose the play yet. I wonder if she even read mine…

Adam recovered from his winter leg injury and I plan to ride him again when the weather warms up a bit. In addition to riding my horses I may quit taking private flute lessons in exchange for riding lessons again. This year I have a LOT of exciting things to look forward to this spring!

-DA Agelle


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