Quagga Journal #1-4: Rupeo

“I was fortunate enough to find an area of good grazing grass for my herd, who are currently settling down to rest during the night. This land is of a wonderful quality which will surely keep everyone fed for a few days. My zebra herd’s foals are growing stronger and faster every day, a sure sign of any herd’s plentiful fortune. There have been no predator alerts for the past two days. It is needless to say that the herd is thriving and is predicted to continue so.

I truly wish I could speak the same for our quagga relatives. For every foal born to my zebra herd it appears that one from the quagga herd is lost. In times past we would see at least two quagga herds per week. Now we have not seen a single one in weeks. My herd’s last encounter with a quagga was many weeks ago before Clest decided to mover her herd south. A good many of our foals have never seen a quagga and do not know of them. I know it is my place to be celebrating the zebras’ good fortune but my heart goes out to the quagga herds in peril. Will there be any left before tomorrow’s sunrise?”


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