An Open Letter to Brooke

The following is an open letter directed to Brooke, section leader of the marching band piccolos.

Dear Brooke, Respected Section Leader,

I am typing this letter through my blog to you regarding next year’s Halloween parade (2011). I would be extremely grateful if you considered dressing the piccolos as Jhonen Vasquez characters, particularly those from the epic television cartoon Invader ZIM. I do hope you consider this possibility. It would bring a great joy not only to the piccolo section but to the countless ZIM fans in the rest of the band. If my request is considered I, in turn, will honor your amazingness with the following

– I will stay in band next year

– I will practice my piccolo more than once a week

– I will not endlessly complain about trivial band matters

– I will strive to enjoy every second of my participation in both marching and concert band

– I will (attempt to) play a solo piece for the solo and emsemble concert

Thank you for reading my letter and please consider my request. If not…well…the zombies know where you live. :) Have a nice day.

– DA Agelle


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