What’s Happening

One of my awesome friends lent me her Alesana CD today. I can’t wait to return from band practice and load it onto my iPod.

Yesterday’s fall play auditions ended up being rescheduled for Monday after school. The reason for this was that there was a bad storm, power going out, etc. Because of this I did not get the chance to audition but I don’t mind. I suppose that only gives me more time to prepare for Monday. I decided to audition for a singing role purely for the enjoyment of auditioning. I am not chasing after a serious part but it would be nice if my audition was a good one. Who knows? Maybe I will get a small part or something along those lines. I am positive that I want to do stage crew and hope signups are soon!

While these events were happening and being blogged about I had some other plans of my own running behind the scenes. A friend told me about a horse show coming up in October and I made the decision to aim for it in a heartbeat! She told me the show was simply a competition for fun No prizes, points, or intense competition. I believe the show will be a perfect opportunity for Adam and I to improve our riding and gain some valuable equestrian experience. I even know of a stable who will trailer us to the show! My friend will be giving me more information on the show circa Friday. The primary preparations I need to make right now are scheduling a vet’s appointment (For vaccinations) and calling the stable for a trailer. I cannot express how exciting this in words alone. This is an absolutely amazing opportunity and I will not let it slip through my fingers. I hope all goes well and this doesn’t end up like my previous county fair show plans. I will be certain to update on this when I receive more information!

– DA Agelle


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