“Save them for auditions.”

I received many wonderful comments during the school Open House this evening but those were my favorite words of all. I spoke to the play director about my play. Everything went well and she said she was eager to read my play sometime soon. Again the subject was brought up of its performance –so far I am under the implication that there is a 99% chance of its performance. It depends on the kind of performance –it may be performed as an official fall/spring play or it may have an event all of its own! Near the end of conversation the director asked about my extra copies of my director/cast/crew books. (I had planned on giving them to our other director for review.) I told her and she replied, “Save them for auditions.”

After hearing that I was absolutely thrilled. The news I just typed out in this post is pretty much everything I know about this experience. I promise as soon as I have more information on the subject I will give an update. Right now I am not hungry for any more information. If anything comes up I will probably be told about it. At this moment I plan on enjoying the spectacular words beginning this post. I honestly cannot believe that Master Manderdorke –a play that I WROTE- is sitting in a box in the play director’s classroom. This is absolutely amazing! I remember the moment when I first typed out the notes, later forming them into a script which was followed by a character list and stage guide. As I look at the finished copies sitting beside me I am reminded of all the hard work put into the play’s writing, printing, and folder assembly. Everything was worth it for the possibility of performance. I cannot wait for the director to read my play and give me her thoughts!

I want to end this post by giving a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported me. Thank you, it means the world to me.

-DA Agelle

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