I meant to publish this post yesterday and I do apologize for the delay. Yesterday I had literally no time whatsoever. I meant to finish the post this morning but was delayed yet again. Today my allergies are annoying and because of them I am in no mood to put up with anything.

The Drama Club meeting yesterday went well. Our fall play is going to be The Wizard of Oz. After the meeting I spoke to the director about considering my Master Manderdorke play for the Spring Play. She seemed to be interested in the idea which made me happy. I plan to speak to the other play director on Wednesday about considering my play.

The best part of my day so far was listening to Setting Fires’s new EP. It is the best EP I have heard in a long time! Setting Fires is basically a side project featuring the vocalist from Kill Hannah, the drummer from Good Charlotte, and a few other artists who I really can’t remember specifically at the moment. The EP is free to listen to on Setting Fires’s Myspace but I am extremely eager to purchase it as soon as possible. I hope the EP is sold as a CD as well as on iTunes. (I highly doubt it.) When it comes to choosing a hard copy of a CD and a digital album off the internet I almost always prefer the CD. However I will be happy to own the EP in whatever form possible. I highly recommend the EP all of my friends as well as anyone with similar music interests as me. Kill Hannah fans -this EP is a MUST.

 I can see myself singing along to the EP backstage during play rehearsal. Seriously.

-DA Agelle


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