Right now I know nothing on the status of my play’s possible consideration. I could only spend the past week wondering and discussing possibilities with the few friends who are aware of my play’s possible future. I hope to have a reply by Wednesday evening although there is a chance I could have the answer Monday. The words I can use to describe the past week are suspenseful, exciting, and uncertain. I completed an epilogue to use as “insurance” in the event that if a particular scene must be scratched or if a longer play is desired the epilogue could be used to fill the time. In my opinion the epilogue turned out well and it is very funny at the end!

Tomorrow I drop off the epilogue at the director’s classroom. I wonder if she read my play yet. There is really nothing I can do to influence my play being chosen or not so I suppose all there is to do is to hope. Wish me luck!

My life does not totally revolve around play yet. The football team won both of their games. The band had a great halftime performance. The first game was an away game and the most recent was at our home stadium. In my opinion the away games are the most fun for two reasons: 1. The band bus 2. More excitement. At both games I was very happy to see and talk to my best friend Sarah. Our next game is a home game.

I will end this entry now but will probably update tomorrow with some (Hopefully good!) news about play. No matter what happens to my play it was incredibly fun to write and worth the effort.

-DA Agelle

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