Hello School Year 2010-2011 (+ Fair Pictures!)

Today was my first day of the 2010-2011 school year. I can honestly say that it was absolutely fantastic and I have reason to believe that this will be an excellent year for me. Although it is too early to decide which classes are my favorites I believe my Geometry class will be much better than my previous math classes.

After my Honors English class I stopped by the classroom of our school play director. I said hello before dropping off a box containing the finished copies of my Master Manderdorke play for review. I gave her a director folder, a cast folder, a stage crew folder, a sample audition script, a summary of the play contents, and a CD containing the play files. I couldn’t believe her reaction –she was absolutely thrilled and she hadn’t even read the play yet! This made me absolutely overjoyed. I cannot wait to hear what she has to say about it. So far the chance of my play succeeding this year is looking rather hopeful. I hope tomorrow will be an even better day than today.

I finally photographed my county fair entries from this year.


My doll of Mat Devine (The vocalist from the Chicago alternative rock band Kill Hannah) won second place. I actually missed him while he was on display at the fair. Apparently I became too used to him hanging in his frame on my bedroom wall. Mat was exhibited (As photographed) without his frame, guitar (Yes, he plays guitar too!), microphone and other jacket.


This is my wire spiral bracelet which took fourth place. It probably would have placed higher but somehow the clasp became undone. (Probably while being placed on the shelf, carried, handled, etc.) Despite this I am very happy with its placing. The bracelet also won fourth place in the school art show Spring 2010.

I hope to update again soon with news about the Master Manderdorke play. I may even update on other events such as band. Yes, Friday night football games are returning at last! I can’t wait to see what awaits our football them this year and if we will do as well as the last season. Until my next post I bid you farewell.

– DA Agelle


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