Yesterday I completely finished the Master Manderdorke play printing! I know this update is late but I wanted to include absolutely everything about the finished play in print.

First off I am thrilled to say that everything was printed to an extraordinary standard -All items from the scripts to the folder covers. Printing took around 4/5 cartridges of ink but I don’t mind. Ink was the main reason why the printing took more days than planned. The first day I blew through two whole ink cartridges and ended up being only halfway done with printing. Before I purchased another cartridge I constructed all 25 of the folders –3 fluorescent red/orange for the directors and 22 for cast/crew. A box was also found to store them in. A few more ink cartridges later everything was printed, stapled/paper clipped, and placed in the folders. The play is complete just before school which starts on Wednesday.

On Friday I paid a visit to the county fair and discovered that I won TWO ribbons in the indoor exhibits! My Mat Devine felt doll won second place in the fabric dolls category. The wire spiral bracelet (Which won fourth in the school art show) took the fourth place ribbon. When the indoor exhibits are released I will post pictures of my entries as well as a picture of my completed play.

-DA Agelle


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