Play Updates!

Hello to everyone! I am sorry for my lack of blogging but I was very busy. I plan to make a goal now to update on not only my writing but other meaningful events in my life. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. My summer was amazing so far and I am proud to announce that I have finally completed my Master Manderdorke play –script, stage guide, character guide and all. The only tasks left are to print everything out and assemble the cast/crew/director booklets. Do not worry if you have no idea what those are. I will explain them later on (As well as possibly post pictures of the completed booklets!) Currently stockpiled by the printer are:

– 2 stacks of paper

– 2 ink cartridges

– 1 box of paperclips

– 22 pieces of black poster board

– 3 pieces of fluorescent red/orange poster board

Now all I am waiting for is to start printing! I hope to start sometime around Wednesday or Friday. Oh –and the supplies all fit well under my enormous budget of $80. I think this all cost somewhere around $60. The ink was the most expensive item. The total may be upped by another four dollars if I decide to buy another pack of paper. (I probably will.) I happily spent this money for the chance of my play being performed onstage. Yes, I seriously believe this play is good enough to be considered for performance. If not then I will continue to work until it is.

The time which is not spent on Master Manderdorke is usually spent on either band, the horses, or a few minor side projects. This year I have 3 entries in the county fair. See if you can pick them out! I will post pictures of them after the fair when I will probably write my next post. In the meantime you can occupy your time with “A Valentine Poem From Beyond”, a poem about zombies that I wrote a while ago and posted earlier this month.

Farewell until then,

DA Agelle


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