Quagga Journal # 1-2: Clest

The quagga is disappearing. It is a clear fact that as more hunters appear on the savannah plains, the number of quagga herd decrease. Many quagga have been needlessly slaughtered for “sport”, the lucky ones shipped off in unknown, dismal prisons called “zoos”. A village close by my herd’s grazing lands is expanding. Many European hunters with swift horses and deadly weapons have moved in, posing a crucial threat to the herd. For this reason I am forced to move my herd south. My herd was one of the most northern quagga herds. Moving south was only a temporary solution, unfortunately. We could only travel so far south until we were surrounded by the ocean on all three sides, hunters on the fourth. But for now, it was the only course of action possible. It is my duty as herd leader to ensure the welfare and survival of the herd.


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