An Interesting Fact

Rupeo Desert Wonder is coming along beautifully and I hope to release it soon. If you remember back (a few months to a year, perhaps. I’m not sure if I kept the posts dealing with this story or deleted them) I was working on plans for a possible story about a racehorse. The story was titled Moonlight Rides or something along those lines. Starring in that story was a young adult character (About 18 years or so), dark brown / purple hair, only wore black / brown / purple clothing named Todd Telaire. Moonlight Rides was scratched, but the character Todd wasn’t. I planned for him to return someday in some story…and he will!! Todd will return to you in not one but TWO stories! He will return first in part II (Or possibly part III) of Rupeo Desert Wonder. He will also star in the quagga story (A totally different story from Rupeo) His name / character traits / age will remain the same as originally designed.

When I decide to scratch a story, you may not have to say goodbye to the story’s characters. Some will star in their own stories, others (Perhaps Taite Dellamy, for example?) will have minor roles in other stories. This way, I get to use all of my favorite characters and not always have to write / illustrate plans for new ones. Every time I design a new character I fill out a card for that character. Retired characters whose pilot stories were not released may be re-used for other stories. Just an interesting fact you may want to know. :)


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